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Hive Smart Thermostat

The Hive Smart System is everything that a modern-day, smart home needs.

Having many connectable devices, ranging from thermostats, to lightbulbs and plugs, the Hive system is the perfect way to control your home from your phone.

The recently-announced compatibility with Phillips Hue Lightbulbs, is a huge selling point for homeowners that have a passion for tech, and favour the cross compatibility of the two brands.

Users can also integrate their Hive system with Alexa and Google Assistant. 


This small, wall-mounted device is controlled via its own hardware, or can connect to the Hive App on your mobile devices.

Helping you save on your heating bill, you can power your heating on before you arrive home, so you don’t have to wait!

Create a schedule so that you don’t have to increase your heating bill by having your heating on whilst you’re at work! Choose your temperature too! Want to be extra warm in your bed? Crank the heating right up before bed time!

Going on holiday? Turn on ‘Frost Protect’ or ‘Holiday Mode’, to stop your home falling below a certain temperature.

We offer ALL of our customers a FREE Hive Thermostat through our boiler offers. Want to have a Smart Home for free? Choose us, and you will have a tech home in no time.


Overall, we are huge advocates for the Hive system, as we believe that you should be able to experience the ease of controlling your heating from your phone, and reducing your heating bill at the same time!

Prime Time Boilers engineers are so familiar with the Hive system, that we will install it in no time. Having technical issues? Our engineers can take a look for you, and help diagnose the problem.

The amount of devices that can be integrated together to control and protect your home, have never made it so simple to take care of your home. Control your CCTV, Lights and General Home Issues.

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