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How To: Top Up Pressure on Worcester Greenstar Boiler

When you are inexperienced with boilers, it can be difficult to know when and how to maintain it, but don’t worry, you can find many blog posts to keep you and your boiler happy!

If the pressure on your Worcester Greenstar Boiler is lower than 1 bar, you will need to top up the pressure.

If your boiler has a keyless filling link, follow these steps

  • Pull down the BLUE LEVER.
  • Ensure that you are monitoring the gauge.
  • When the gauge reaches anywhere between 1 - 1.5 bar, you can release the lever allowing it to go back into its original position.

If your boiler has an integral keyed filling link, follow these steps

  • Push the filling key into the filling link, making sure that the arrow on the key lines up with the unlocked padlock symbol.
  • Turn the filling key CLOCKWISE until it can no longer turn - the arrow will align with the locked padlock symbol.
  • Turn the white knob ANTI-CLOCKWISE - the water will begin to fill the system.
  • When the pressure reaches between 1bar - 1.5bar, turn the white knob CLOCKWISE, which will close the valve. (Pressure Gauge can be found on the front of the Boiler), (Be careful not to overtighten).
  • Turn the filling key ANTI-CLOCKWISE, ensuring the arrow aligns with the unlocked padlock symbol.
  • Pull the key down to remove from the link.

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