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Where is the Best Place to Install a Combi Boiler?

Choosing a reputable boiler installer

You might be thinking about moving your existing boiler to a new location within your home or you might be in the market for a new boiler and wondering where to install it.

If you have a combi boiler or are purchasing a combi boiler then it might help to learn that you do have some options available to you. So, let’s take a look at where you can install your boiler, helping you to use your space in the right way.

Can I fit my boiler in my bathroom?

The simple answer is yes and it is convenient to have it located here because it’s the room where the highest demand for hot water comes from. Therefore, the close proximity of the boiler will mean that water is heated quickly.

If you position your boiler in the bathroom then you can make use of any pipework that might already be located there. You can connect the condensate pipe from the boiler to the bathroom waste pipe, ensuring harmful chemicals are removed. This makes the installation process easier and faster for your engineer.

If you do choose the bathroom as the location for your boiler, then you will need to consider boxing it off as it will have pipes coming from it and could look unsightly. However, if you do box it off, you can use the space to keep towels warm which means your towels will be warm when you need them.

When installing a boiler in the bathroom, there are certain regulations that have to be followed. Of course, electricity and water don’t mix which means that the boiler will need to be enclosed in a cupboard to ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with water. Furthermore, the boiler must not be reachable from the bath or shower while the electrical spur will need to be located outside of the bathroom. In addition to this, it will also need to follow existing wiring regulations and building regulations which will stipulate safe areas within the bathroom that are considered safe for boiler installation.

Can I fit my boiler in the kitchen?

In the same way as a bathroom, the kitchen is a great place for installing a boiler as it means that it is also installed close to a source of high hot water demand through appliances and taps. The kitchen is a functional space and with appliances often working, the noise of a boiler probably won’t be noticed. In fact, the majority of modern boilers are quieter than ever which means that you probably won’t hear a thing. When you consider the noise from kettles, washing machines, tumble dryers and even microwaves, a modern boiler won’t make an impact at all.

Furthermore, modern boilers are also designed in a way so that they can fit within kitchen cupboards. Most modern models are compact in design so if you want to hide your boiler in a cupboard, then you won’t have any problem finding a suitable location here! Of course, installing a boiler here is down to space. So, it can help to determine whether you want to give up space in your kitchen as it may be required in the future. However, if you’re confident that you don’t need the space then it does make the perfect place to install your boiler.

Can it be installed near a cooker?

The design of some kitchens will mean that your boiler might need to be installed near a cooker. So, your boiler can be located near a cooker although there are some restrictions in place. The boiler will need a 50mm gap if it is being installed next to a cooker. If you are installing a boiler above a hob, then there has to be a gap of 760mm. However, it is not recommended that you do this, even if it does comply with safety regulations. It could mean that your boiler doesn’t last as long as it should because of condensation and steam from the hob. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to speak with your installation company and the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine whether it can be installed in your desired location.

Can it be installed in a garage or outside?

It is possible to install your boiler in your garage and in doing so, you will benefit from freeing up space in your home. However, if you do choose this option then there are things you will need to consider. The first thing to consider is frost protection as garages are known to be cold during winter. While many modern boilers will have in-built frost protection, you might want to lag any piping to make sure that they don’t freeze.

Another consideration is the distance from the boiler to the home because it will need to use more energy to ensure that it reaches the right temperatures. Hot taps might take a little longer to heat up which might cause frustration. You will also need to consider the route that all pipes will take from the garage to your home. This is particularly true if your garage is detached because you don’t want pipework exposed or visible.

Can it be installed in my loft?

Yes, it is possible to have your boiler installed in your loft but there are a few considerations to make here too.

To begin with, you will need to make sure that your loft is boarded so that the boiler can be accessed easily. Furthermore, you will also need the right amount of space around the boiler so that it can be serviced safely while there will also need to be lighting in place. A loft ladder or steps will also be required so that it’s possible to access the loft. However, it’s worth thinking about access should you choose to install your boiler in the loft. It can prove difficult to access and if you have a leak in the system, checking your boiler could become a nuisance. Even something as simple as repressurising your system can prove challenging. Despite this, putting your boiler in the loft does mean that it is out of sight and it frees up space in your home. It will also mean that you won’t hear the boiler working either which is positive if this is something that concerns you.

So, there are many places around the home where you can install your boiler. Depending on space or your requirements, you have a range of options available which means you can maximise your space and get more from your home and your boiler at the same time!

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