How to Handle Winter Boiler Breakdown Like a Pro
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How to Handle Winter Boiler Breakdown Like a Pro

Boiler breakdown during winter could very well pass as a four-word horror story for some people. But for those who know a thing or two about boilers, the situation is not really as scary as it seems. Here are some tips to help you get through the ordeal in one piece:

Get help from the experts

Winter is not the right season to procrastinate — as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary with your boiler at home, call an expert right away. This might sound extreme, but if the weather outside is cold, your household could potentially catch various illnesses if you don’t keep the temperature at home within comfortable temperature.

Emergency boiler breakdown fixes might be costly, so get some insurance policy before it’s too late

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Keep Your Body Warm

Make sure to ask for the definite estimated time of arrival of the boiler breakdown specialist at your home. The wait may not be long if you called during office hours, but the case might be different if you called during the wee hours. For some companies, you might have to wait until morning if you placed your call in the evening, although some companies offer 24/7 support for emergencies.

These companies often charge extra for the “over-time” service. Whatever your case may be, you have to make sure that you keep your family and yourself warm during the wait. You can put on more layers of clothing, and if necessary, wear some outerwear even to bed.

Neighbors Can Help

Assuming there is no ongoing feud between you and your neighbors, it’s always a good idea to just spend your waiting time in their home. You might have to crash in for a quick hot shower if you need to go to work or send your kids to school in the morning and your boiler is still not fixed. Neighbors are usually there to support us at times of need; only time can tell when they’ll also need the same favor from you. So, stop hesitating too much and just go befriend your neighbor.

Stop Worrying

Not worrying about a boiler breakdown is easier said than done, but know that the problem isn’t something that can’t be solved. As soon as the engineer or the plumber arrives, you will have your boiler working properly in no time. So the best approach would be to just keep warm, and be patient in waiting for assistance. As tempting as it is, overthinking as to what could be wrong with your boiler will not get you anywhere, who knows, the problem might not be as big as you have imagined and a quick tinker might just be enough to get that boiler working again.

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