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Boiler Installation Essex

If you’re looking for boiler installation in Essex, you’ve come to the right place.

In this quick guide, we’ll explain:

-What To Look For In A Local Installer

-Boiler Installation Costs

-The Huge Savings A New Boiler Can Provide

-The Easiest Way To Pay For A Boiler Installation Service

What To Look For In A Local Installer

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad tradesmen operating throughout the UK, and Essex. The big problem for homeowners, is how can you determine which tradesmen are good, and which ones are bad?


Boiler installations can only be completed by Gas Safe registered engineers. So, the first thing you can do to check the company completing your boiler installation in Essex is accredited, is to check the Gas Safe register.Each registered company and engineer should be listed and have their own Gas Safe number. As an example you can see the company details for Prime Time Boilers here.

Company Reviews

We live in a digital world, and that means a digital footprint is almost unavoidable. If a company offering you a quote for boiler installation in Essex is legitimate, it’s likely they’ll have some reviews online, however few or many. Check out these company reviews, and this will give a clear indication of what you should expect from the company when they start work on your property.

As an example, we’ve got the following reviews online:

-5/5 star rating on FaceBook, from over 30 reviews

-100% rating on MyBuilder

-7/5 stars on Google, from over 20 reviews

Boiler Installation Costs

Once you’ve found a company that has the appropriate accreditation and a good online profile, what’s next? You need to start getting some quotes for boiler installation.

This is more difficult than most people imagine, as not all quotes will be the same. As an example, one boiler installer in Essex might provide:

-All materials

-A simple boiler swap – When a boiler is fitted in the same location as the old one, that’s a job that can be done by one person in a day and shouldn’t cost more than £1,700. However, there are various best practices that should be incorporated into any new boiler installation.

Your installer should be providing materials and the boiler swap, but also:

-A hot flush, to remove particles in the heating system that could damage your new boiler

-Filter installation where necessary to protect your new boiler, including a scale reducer and magnetic system filter

-A gas main upgrade (where applicable) – This is the bare minimum you should expect from your boiler installation. But, this will increase the price of a boiler installation in Essex from around £1,700, closer to the £2,200 mark. But it’s money well spent. Not only does this help to protect your boiler, most boiler manufacturers insist on some of the above boiler protection processes, to honour their warranty.

So, check your boiler’s warranty terms and conditions. And make sure that when you get a quote, you get an itemised description of works – then you’ll know what you’re really getting for your cash.

The Huge Savings A New Boiler Can Provide

Now you have an idea of what your boiler installation in Essex should cost, let’s talk about the benefits. Although a new boiler might seem like a large upfront cost, it’s not money lost. You’ll start saving money from the first day of your installation on two major things:

-Your utility bills

-Boiler repair bills

Utility Bills

Energy efficiency is the new big-thing. And boiler manufacturers are competing to make sure theirs are on-par, if not more energy efficient than their competitors. Typically, when we replace a boiler it’s 10 years old, or older. That could mean it’s as poorly rated on the energy efficiency scale as G.

Newer boilers all tend to be in the A-rated energy efficiency range. Boring, right? Wrong! A new A-rated boiler could save you up to £320 per annum on your energy bills, when directly compared to a G-rated boiler.

Boiler Repair Bills

We’re not just boiler installers in Essex. We also regularly repair and service boilers. Unfortunately, boiler repairs aren’t cheap. As an example, we find that even the slightest water damage (which could come from something as simple as a leaking heating pump), can destroy electrical components such as the printed circuit board (PCB).

The PCB is the brains of your boiler. And without it, your boiler won’t work correctly and in some cases; at all. The problem, crucial parts like this in a boiler can cost £300+, and that’s before fitting. With a new A-rated boiler, you’ll have a warranty of up to 10 years. So, if there’s a defect such as a faulty PCB it’s on the manufacturer’s head to replace it, not yours!

The Easiest Way To Pay For A Boiler Installation Service

If you’re looking for a boiler installation service in Essex, you’ve probably got one problem; paying for it. Boiler replacement is something that’s an unexpected expense. And that’s why we’ve introduced a range of finance packages.
Our finance deals can incorporate the likes of:

-0% deposit

-0% APR

-Deferred initial repayment

-Repayments from £16 per month

So, the upfront outlay is zero, and we can even postpone the initial repayment whilst you rearrange your finances. But, there are two other things worth noting. First, depending on the exact size of your property, you could be saving up to £320 per year on energy bills, with a monthly repayment of just £16. Essentially, the boiler could pay for itself. Secondly, our 0% APR is something you won’t see with many larger boiler installers that operate in Essex.

Typically, we find that anywhere between 10-20% APR is the norm. By using our 0% APR option, you could be knocking up to 20% off the time of repayment (i.e. from 10 years with a larger installer, to 8 years with us).

Free Quotes For Boiler Installation In Essex

Ready to get free quotes for boiler installation in Essex? Either fill out our on-site form or give us a call. We can send round one of our Gas Safe qualified engineers to spec your property and lay out all the most cost effective and energy efficient options – then arrange a finance package to suit.

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