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Boiler Installation Romford

Looking for boiler installation in Romford, but don’t know where to start? Prime Time Boilers specialise in boiler installation and repairs for homeowners in Essex and surrounding areas.
Our team offers free help and advice to ensure that you get the best boiler for your property. That means finding you the most efficient boiler that will meet heating demands, at the lowest price possible.

Understanding Boiler Installation Costs

Boiler breakdowns are rarely planned, and most of our customers aren’t sure what’s a fair price when it comes to a new installation. One thing we will say, is that replacement costs will vary throughout the country. Whilst the cost of a boiler and associated parts from local merchants are standardised throughout the UK, labour rates aren’t. For instance, a homeowner in the North, is likely to pay a much lower labour rate than a homeowner in the heart of London.

So, how much should your boiler installation in Romford cost?

Regular Boilers

If you have a regular boiler, you’ll have a hot water storage facility, such as a cylinder. This is because a regular boiler heats and stores hot water, ready for use. Generally, this means that it can meet higher hot water demands than the same sized combination boiler. Typically, for boiler installations in Romford we’d expect an average 3-bedroom semi detached property to cost in the region of £2,000.

This would drop to around £1,800 for those in cheaper parts of the UK and rise to £2,200 and beyond for places such as central London. Many of our customers are interested in having their boiler fitted in a new location such as a kitchen cupboard, under the stairs, or into a garage. You should expect to budget a minimum, and an additional £500 to move a regular boiler to a new location.

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers are not just incredibly efficient, they’re excellent for space saving. Nobody wants to have their boiler on show if possible. A combi boiler will heat water on demand. That means there’s no need for a hot water storage tank like a regular boiler would have.

A popular boiler we install in Romford is the Worcester 32CDi Compact. This is like a standard combi boiler, but it’s designed to fit into a smaller installation area than something like the Worcester Greenstar 30i. Typically, we’d expect a straight swap to cost in the region of £2,200 for a new combination boiler.

However, if you’re having a boiler such as the 32CDi Compact fitted in a new location, you should expect to budget around £500 to move the boiler. This will be an additional cost to the overall installation.

Back Boilers

If you’ve purchased a particularly old property that needs a full refurb, there’s a chance it might have a back boiler. Not only are these boilers incredibly inefficient, they’re ugly too. A back boiler is whereby the boiler system is built into or behind an existing gas fire. You’ll not want to change the current back boiler for a new one. In fact, there’s only one brand that still make back boilers, which goes to show how unpopular they are.

Instead, you’ll want to upgrade to a regular or combination boiler. And being an upgrade, this is a lot more complex than a basic boiler swap. For an average 3-bedroom property, you should expect to budget somewhere in the region of £3,000 for back boiler replacement in the Romford area.

The Best Boiler Brands To Install

Now you have an idea of the type of boiler you have and the type of boiler you need, you’ll need to understand which the best brands are. Log onto any online plumbing merchant, and you’ll see there are a dozen or more brands on the market.

When we offer quotes for boiler installation in Romford and surrounding areas, we only give three options:

-Ideal Boilers


-Worcester Bosch

In our experience, these are the best three boiler brands. Ideal Boilers are the lower-end product, with a price to match. However, they have extensive warranties on offer (5-12 years) and are incredibly low in price. It’s a great budget option. Worcester Bosch are at the other end of the spectrum. They’re known for being more reliable, but more expensive too. Due to their extensive range, they have a boiler suited for nearly every type of property and are our first choice.

Vaillant are a premium brand. In fact, they are similar in price to Worcester Bosch. Where there’s not a suitable Worcester boiler for your property, we’d recommend a Vaillant. However, when possible we’d always prefer to fit Worcester Bosch boilers.

When Should You Install A New Boiler?

Besides when a boiler has completely given up the ghost, when do our customers in Romford need new boiler installation?

Repair Costs

The biggest consideration is repair costs for your current boiler. When a boiler starts to fail, it usually does so miserably. One part fails, is fixed, and another follows suit quickly. If your boiler is out of warranty and is starting to need regular repairs, we’d advise having your engineer checking all integral parts with your next boiler service.

You’ll want them to check over the most expensive parts such as the:

-Printed Circuit Board

-Gas Valve

-Heat Exchanger


If more than one of these parts are looking likely to fail, the repair bill could be £250-600. That money would be better used by investing in a new boiler installation.

Property Upgrades

Boilers tend to work intermittently before they fail completely. They might cycle on and off randomly or switch off before heating radiators. If your boiler is showing signs of drastic failure and you plan to upgrade your property, this could be the perfect time to have a new boiler installed. A typical example, would be an extension where the boiler needs to be removed whilst building work is carried out, then refitted.

That work equates to a large chunk of a typical boiler installation. So, what you’d be paying here in labour, could be going towards a newer energy efficient boiler.

Boiler Installation Quotes For Romford Residents

Live in Romford and want a boiler installation quote from a local specialist? Fill out our online form or give us a call. One of our Gas Safe engineers will visit your property, offer up the best options, and give a competitive quote.

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