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Looking for a boiler replacement in Essex, but not sure which installer to use, or even which boiler you need? Prime Time Boilers are here to help.

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Unless you’ve been referred to a Gas Safe engineer that can legally install boilers, how do you pick one? The Gas Safe registry regularly inspect gas appliances in homes throughout the UK, and what they find is shocking.

Around 1 in 6 appliances in the UK are deemed illegal! Why? Because they’ve either not been updated to current Gas Safe standards, or they’ve been installed by someone that doesn’t have the necessary experience, knowledge and Gas Safe accreditation. So first, you can go ahead and check the Gas Safe accreditation of our company and our engineers here.

Next, you can jump online and read our positive reviews that include:

-Over 50 Facebook reviews averaging 5/5 stars

-Over 200 reviews on TrustPilot averaging 4.8/5 stars

-100% review rating on MyBuilder

We pride ourselves on not just doing an excellent job for our customers on installation day but giving them the best advice possible. And our reviews certainly reflect that.

Boiler Replacement Advice

If you’re looking for a boiler replacement in Essex, you’ll need a qualified engineer to give you boiler advice. Buying a boiler that’s too big for your property isn’t a disaster, but it’s a waste of money; bigger boilers are more expensive than smaller ones. But, buying a boiler that’s too small for your property could lead to:

Radiators not heating up correctly

Shower and tap water not getting hot, or starved when another hot water source is being used.

We’re always happy to help.

Thinking about having a boiler replacement in Essex?

Contact our heating engineers and will spec your property so that you’ve got the perfect boiler.

New Boiler Replacement Costs

The most common question we’re asked by our customers, is how much boiler replacement in Essex costs. And that’s a fair point, as labour rates throughout the country vary, which means that new boiler costs will too. Typically, we’d not expect a boiler replacement in Essex to cost any less than £1,800. That’s the likely cost for a small 1-2 bedroom property, with just one shower. However, it’s difficult to price a boiler replacement without seeing the property.

It’s rarely the case that we simply swap out one boiler for another as additional work is usually needed, including:


  • Gas main upgrades
  • Moving the boiler to a new location
  • Installing a new flue
  • Installing new copper pipe and fittings
  • Installing a magnetic system filter and scale reducer
  • Flushing out the heating system
  • Upgrading the heating from a system or regular boiler, to a more efficient combi boiler


All these things take time. So, not even considering different sized boilers vary in price, each boiler replacement is different and needs to be quoted on-site.

Boiler Replacement Benefits

What we will say, is that it’s rare that it doesn’t make sense to have a boiler replacement. And, there are two main cost savings you’re going to see the minute you switch on your new boiler:

-No more expensive repair bills

-Huge savings on electricity and gas

Boiler Repair Costs

Most of our customers don’t replace their boiler the first time it breaks down, much like you wouldn’t a car. But what we find is that once one crucial part in a boiler breaks, many others are likely to follow. So, before repairing any expensive parts, it’s worth assessing the condition of other components in the boiler. That includes parts such as the heat exchanger, PCB and pump.

We choose to fit Worcester Bosch boilers. Not only are they well known for being extremely reliable, they also come with a long warranty of up to 12 years. That means for a full decade if anything goes wrong with your new boiler, the Worcester technical team will be on hand to help fix it.

Energy Costs

Nobody likes utility bills. And with your new boiler, they’re going to shrink dramatically. In a large property such as a 4-bedroom detached, the Energy Saving Trust has found that a G-rated boiler in comparison to a newer A-rated boiler, could cost up to £320 per year more. That’s a combination of savings of gas and electricity.

And with our cost-effective finance packages, many of our customers use the savings to pay for their new boiler monthly and still have some change! We only fit A-rated boilers.

New Boiler Options

When we conduct our site visit, we won’t leave any stone unturned. For small-medium sized properties, combination boilers are typically the best option. However, if your boiler is old, it’s likely it could be a system or regular boiler – even a back boiler in some cases.

Changing this to a combination boiler would be classed as an upgrade, rather than a simple install. Whatever the options available to you, our boiler engineers will explain them, advise on what they think is the best route forward, and leave the final decision completely up to you.

Paying For Your Boiler Replacement

If you’ve already got quotes for a boiler replacement in Essex, you’ll have seen prices coming in at £2,000-4,000 – possibly more if you’ve been getting quotes from large national companies. Regardless of how cheap you get your installation it’s a huge outlay, and usually an unexpected one; nobody plans for their boiler to breakdown. If like 99% of the people in the UK you don’t have a rainy-day fund this large, you can take advantage of our finance packages.

We can tailor a package to suit you, including features such as:

-0% Deposit

-Plans From £9.99 Per Month

-Buy Now, Pay Later

Save Money With Boiler Finance

And if you’ve already looked at many of the finance packages available from companies offering boiler replacement in Essex, you’ll notice one thing; high APR. Typically, 9.9% is at the low-end, and 19.9% is at the high end. Our finance packages can incorporate 0% APR. So, on a 10-year finance deal with an expensive provider, our deal could shave off 2 years, with the same monthly repayment!

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