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tuneable-2pack E14 Smart Bulbs

Hive E14 Smart Light Bulb – Tuneable (2 Pack)

Price starts at £56
Control these Hive E14 candlelight bulbs from your Hive app or with your voice. Tap them on or off, adjust the brightness and colour warmth in a swipe and save energy using schedules. You can even use our smart sensors to turn them on automatically when you open the door or walk into the room.

Choose bulb style

Switch lights on or off from anywhere

You can also use schedules and Hive Actions to turn your E14 bulbs on and off when you want, without lifting a finger.

Adjust the brightness from the app

Set them low in the morning for just enough light to find the bathroom. Dial them up in the evening when the sun goes down.

Up or down, cool or warm

Cool white for energy or warm white for relaxing. Down with the sunrise or up with the sunset. Our tuneable or dimmable candlelight bulbs are perfect for every mood and room.

Save energy, save money

Our long-lasting E14 LED bulbs are rated A+ for energy efficiency, and by controlling them remotely you can make sure they're not left on.

Turn them on or off together

Group your E14 light bulbs so you can control all of them together. With one tap on the app you can turn all your lights on or off in one go, from anywhere.

Make it look like you’re in when you’re out

E14 smart bulbs are great for security. Set schedules so they go on and off at different times. Or use Mimic mode so they go on and off in a random pattern.

The centre of the Hive ecosystem

The Hive Hub is the heart of your smart home. It plugs into your broadband router and connects all your Hive devices wirelessly so they can be easily controlled remotely.