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Hive Leak Detector

Price starts at £35
The Hive Leak Sensor is a smart leak detector that monitors water flows around your home. As soon as it detects anything out of the ordinary, like a potential leak, you automatically receive a notification to your smartphone so you can act quickly. Features & benefits
  • This early warning system gives you reassurance that your home is always protected, even from hidden leaks.
  • The Hive app allows you to customise your notifications preferences for both strong and weak flows of water.
  • Learn more and keep track of your water consumption with the new in-app Usage Insights feature.
Installation The Hive Leak Sensor is a simple self-install device that anyone can set up using a smartphone. All you need to do is connect the device to your WiFi, customise your notifications preferences and find your stop tap.

Catches bigger leaks

Do you have children at home? Get notified straight away if your little one has left the tap running in the upstairs bathroom before it floods the downstairs!

Easily track your water usage

Our new Water Usage Insights feature on the app is included with Hive Leak Plan.

So you can keep track of your water consumption and discover ways to be more water efficient (and save money).

Spots hidden leaks

Get notifications for potential problems you might not see. Like a faulty washing machine dripping away in a cupboard.

Plus if you receive a notification, the Hive app will help you troubleshoot the problem and can also put you in touch with a local plumber if needed.