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Hive Radiator Valve 5 pack

Hive Radiator Valve (3 Pack)

Price starts at £195
Our Hive Radiator Valves let you manage your heating room by room, all from your smartphone. So you never have to heat rooms you aren’t using.


Avoid heating empty rooms

Never waste money heating an empty room. For example, set a schedule to keep your bedroom cool during the day and then warm up before you head to bed.

Room-by-room control with multiple Hive Radiator Valves

Get the temperature just right in every room by putting Hive Radiator Valves on all your main radiators. So you can warm up one room without overheating the rest of the house.

Heat on demand

Hive Radiator Valves work best with Hive Active Heating. Your radiator valves can automatically turn the heating on when they need to in order to keep that special room warm, even when your Hive thermostat is set low.

But if you don't have a Hive thermostat, you can still use our radiator valves to keep rooms cool while you heat the rest of the house.

Control any room at any time

If you realise you’ve left the heating on in a room you don't need, just turn the radiator off via your Hive app.

Schedules for specific rooms

Set specific temperatures or schedules in different rooms to keep everyone comfortable and to avoid heating rooms when you know they’ll be empty.

No more guesswork

Set the exact temperature you want in degrees, rather than just selecting a setting between 1-5.

Open window detection

If a window’s been left open causing the temperature in the room to drop, your Hive Radiator Valve adjusts automatically.

Easy self-installation

If you already have thermostatic radiator valves, it's quick and easy to install Hive Radiator Valves yourself. Simply unscrew the existing head and replace it with a Hive Radiator Valve.

The Hive app uses helpful images to guide you through removing your old controls, selecting the correct adaptor for your radiator and getting your Hive Radiator Valve correctly installed.

Once installed, the Hive Radiator Valve takes a little time to learn about your radiator while it calibrates, then it will be good to go.

The centre of the Hive ecosystem

The Hive Hub is the heart of your smart home. It plugs into your broadband router and connects all your Hive devices wirelessly so they can be easily controlled remotely.