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How Long Does it Take to Install a New Boiler?

One of the things we are often asked is how long does it take to fit a new boiler? It is something that people ask as they need to plan accordingly while it will give them an idea of how long they will experience some element of disruption for. This is because they could be without hot water and heating for a short period of time.
However, there’s no simple answer as the time it takes will depend on:

  • Whether you have a boiler in place already
  • The type of fuel you are using
  • Whether you choose to have your boiler relocated
  • The type of boiler being installed
  • If you are moving to a new type of boiler and what boiler you are moving to and what you are moving from
  • Any challenges associated with your property as well as your current water supply.

However, to give you a rough idea of how long a new boiler installation will take, you can expect it to take anything from six hours up to four days. This is a rough guide as the time it takes is dependent on the factors above. So, let’s take a look at the different times involved in the process.

Like-for-like boiler swap- 4-6 hours

One of the easiest installations to complete is swapping one boiler type for the same type. This is based on the previous boiler being faulty, the location remaining the same and that all required pipework is in place.
This type of installation will involve isolating and draining the systems, ensuring the electricity and thermostat are disconnected, removal of the old boiler and putting the new boiler in its place. This can be completed by one of our engineers in just a matter of hours.

Altering the Location of Your Boiler – 1-2 Days

If you have an existing boiler but want to change the location, or require a new boiler in an alternative location then this is going to take slightly longer than a day. This is because we will need to take care of installing water and gas pipework as well as the cables required for power.

We might also have to carry out some structural work such as going through brick walls to install the flue or building frames. We might also have to dismantle the old boiler, move it or completely remove it, all of which takes time.

The Installation of a New Combi Boiler – 1-2 Days

If there is no existing boiler in place then the time it takes to install one will be similar to that of relocating a boiler. Where we save time on dismantling an old boiler, we use it to make new connections to both your water and your gas inlets.

So, if there is no boiler, then there will be no heating system. Therefore, if you are having a brand new system then the time it takes to complete the job will increase. A brand new system can take anything from one to two weeks as this will involve carrying out other jobs such as lifting carpets and flooring such as floorboards. We will also need to install all pipework and install radiators. However, the good news is that all of this can take place at the same time as the boiler installation.

Changing Boiler Type – 2-3 Days

You have the choice of three boilers for your home and this includes a combi, heat only and system. They all require different forms of plumbing and electrics, so if you are changing from one type of boiler to this one then it’s very much like a new installation in terms of how long it will take.

The biggest difference will be changing from a combi to a heat only or a system boiler.

If you are opting for a system boiler then you’ll require a cylinder to store the water for the central heating system. This is often positioned in an airing cupboard or close to the boiler which can mean that floorboards will need lifting in order to install the new pipework.

Should you be changing to a heat only boiler then you’ll also need a cold water tank as well as an expansion which will need to be located in an elevated place which is commonly the highest part of your property. This is because the system is fed using gravity as opposed to mains pressure. This will increase the time as this setup has more pipework.

If you are moving from a heat only or a system boiler to a combi then time will be spent removing existing tanks and cylinders as well as removing pipework and clearing up afterwards.

Some people decide to leave this in place should they choose to change again in the future. This is down to your own choice but you will need to consider that additional cylinders and tanks will take up space while some components might need to be removed and cleaned after not being used for a number of years.

Changing the Boiler Type and Location – 3-4 Days

When it comes to time, one of the largest jobs is changing the type of boiler you have and its location. This is because it requires us to change the type of boiler and the position which involves many different elements and tasks.

You might require the installation or removal of tanks and cylinders but you might also require new knock holes through walls or new brackets while water, gas and electricity might need to be rerouted.

Fuel Type Change – 2-3 Days

If you are having a new boiler and changing the type of fuel it uses, then this will require additional plumbing as well as electrical work. So, this can involve moving from an oil boiler to an electric boiler or a gas system to another type of system, all of which will take time.

It’s Not Always Possible to Carry out a Straight Swap

You might be hoping for a straight swap but it’s worth noting that boilers, as well as tanks and cylinders all, come in a range of capacities and powers. Therefore, the pipework might not be of the correct size for a certain boiler to handle. If you are unsure then you should always ask a Gas Safe engineer to inspect your system.

Always Obtain a Quote

It’s always worth obtaining a new gas boiler installation quote or a quote for other types of systems you require. You can also take advantage of combi boiler finance that enables you to have a new boiler in a way that is affordable and easier to manage.

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