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What is an LPG Gas boiler?

When it comes to central heating, things have progressed and moved on considerably in recent years. Technology has enabled boiler manufacturers to produce boilers that are more efficient and reliable while new fuels have also changed the way in which they produce heat and hot water.

One type of boiler that is available is the LPG boiler and for many, this type of boiler will be a mystery although they do offer a feasible solution for people throughout the UK.

Amazingly, there is estimated to be around 4 million people still without access to gas mains and most of these are living in rural areas and so, LPG boilers provide a feasible solution that can help them access the warmth and hot water that they need. Particularly during the colder months, it is important that people stay safe and having a boiler that they can rely on is crucial.

The aim of this article is to explore what LPG gas boilers are all about, what they offer and what benefits they deliver. So, if you are interested in LPG boilers and find yourself looking for one then the information that we are providing can help you make a decision with clarity.

LPG – What Does it Stand For?

So, in order to begin understanding what these boilers are all about, it’s important to understand what they mean. LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas, which is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbon gases which means that they are made up of a blend of hydrogen and carbon. Then, as the name tells us, all this comes in liquid form.

This kind of gas is known to be extremely flammable although it is a source of fuel that provides a high level of efficiency. It is also a gas that has no colour and it can boil at a low temperature. While many people might not know what LPG really is, the most common forms of this fuel are propane and butane, which are types of gas that we commonly use for gas barbecues or patio heaters. However, both are used in a number of ways and this includes powering the boiler in order to provide head to our homes.

LPG Boilers – What are They?

To your standard homeowner, standard gas boilers will work in a similar way to standard gas boilers. However, they get their power from liquid petroleum gas which is stored in a storage tank which means that it does not come from the gas mains which is where most people in the UK get their gas from. So, when the time comes to look for a new boiler, you will have the option of having a dedicated LPG boiler or a natural gas boiler that is modified through the use of a conversion kit.

With all of this in mind, it is important to remember that an LPG boiler requires a storage tank that is both safe and well-maintained, as that will enable it to work correctly. Along with this, you will need to have a supply of LPG so you can provide your boiler with the fuel it requires. The boiler will then use the LPG by boiling it, enabling it to provide heat and hot water for your home.

Is it Possible to Have a Combi Boiler as an LPG Boiler?

It is possible to convert many combi boilers to LPG boilers which also includes system and heat only models. When you consider the Ideal HEating range, there are many models such as the Gen 2 Combi, Logic + System and the Vogue that can be converted into LPG boilers.

Combi boilers can be used to deliver your home with both heat and hot water, all of which comes through one single appliance which is ideal if you need to save space. It’s important to remember that all LPG boilers have to be installed using a Gas Safe Registered engineer while they will also need to carry out the servicing too as this will ensure they continue to operate safely and efficiently.

Obtaining Fuel for Your LPG Boiler

Standard boilers in the majority of homes across the UK will be connected to the gas mains and customers will pay this on a monthly or quarterly basis. In contrast, LPG boilers will run on gas that has been purchased in advance and this means that homeowners will need to be aware of when the levels fall low as this will mean that the tank will need to be replaced.

Storing LPG Gas Containers

You will need to pay care and attention to how you store your LPG containers and this means that they will need to be stored upright to prevent them from leaking. They will also need to be kept outside and away from entry points to your property and sources of heat or ignition. Furthermore, while being stored outside, they should be stored above ground level while ventilation is vital.

LPG Boilers – What are the Benefits?

If your property is not connected to the gas mains then this kind of boiler will bring with it a lot of benefits. As LPGs have a high density, it means that it is possible to store a large amount of fuel in a small space.

You will also have the ability to make use of a high-efficiency model when you are not connected to the main. They are also more environmentally friendly than other forms of fuel such as oil as they produce fewer carbon emissions. Furthermore, while they are running you will also notice that they produce less noise which is great for smaller homes where the boiler is not hidden away.

LPG Boilers – The Negatives

While LPG boilers provide a feasible solution they do come with some downsies. The first is that it will be important to ensure you keep an eye on the amount of fuel remaining. A storage tank in which the fuel will be stored will be required and that can come at an additional cost while you will also need to find somewhere to position it.

The Cost of Using an LPG Boiler

It has been found that the average cost of heating and hot water while using a LPG is £786, which is based on a house using around 12,000kWh of power on an annual basis.

Should you be considering an LPG boiler, then you will need to consider the size of your property, the number of rooms and the number of radiators while also considering the number of baths and showers too.

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