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Which is the most efficient combi boiler?

Which is the most efficient combi boiler

Replacing an old boiler is a big decision and one that can seem overwhelming. There are so many different types of boilers on the market, with so many different technologies, that it can be hard to know which is right for your home. We’ve put together this helpful guide to explain what makes a boiler more efficient and why this matters when you’re shopping around.

If you’ve been looking for a new combi boiler for your home, but have been put off by all the figures and jargon, don’t panic.

A combi boiler is a type of central heating system that uses a combination of hot water from a cylinder and steam from an evaporator. Unlike conventional boilers, they can provide both hot water for bathing or showers as well as heating for radiators in different parts of the house.

This means that there’s no need to turn on the heat when you want hot water—the same appliance does both jobs simultaneously. And because it uses less energy overall than some other types of heating systems, it can save you money too.

When replacing an old boiler, it’s a good idea to invest in one which is as efficient as possible.

The first thing to consider is the efficiency rating.

The efficiency rating of a boiler is determined by the amount of heat energy it produces relative to the amount of energy it uses. This can be expressed both as a percentage or a letter rating, although both methods of measurement amount to the same thing. If you see a boiler’s energy efficiency shown as a percentage, the percentage represents the amount of energy utilised to heat your home and water, for example, a 94% efficient boiler will use 94% f the energy to produce heat, 6% will be wasted/used to run the boiler itself.

An A-rated boiler will have at least 90% efficiency and all modern boilers must be A-rated. Find the most efficient boiler within your budget and it will save you money in the long run, and of course, be more environmentally friendly.

The second thing to consider is sizing

Boilers must be large enough to be able to meet your household’s needs, but not too big, as that can result in wasted energy making your boiler less efficient. The size of boiler you will need depends on several factors such as the size of your home, how many radiators you have and how many bathrooms will need hot water.

Thirdly, ensure you have adequate compensation controls

Compensation controls, what are they? In most instances, a thermostat that can be programmed to have the boiler running when it is needed and idle when it is not. One of the best options for running your boiler efficiently is to install a smart thermostat which monitors the temperature inside and outside the house and runs the boiler when it is most needed. Some smart thermostats also have ‘presence detection’ meaning it knows if you are home or not, reducing energy consumption when you are not home.

Hive offer a selection of smart control options, find out about the Hive range here.

Finally, ensure your boiler is installed correctly by a competent boiler engineer

You could spend all your time and money investing in a top-of-the-range, highly efficient boiler, only for it to be installed incorrectly which could instantly waste all of your efforts leaving you with sub-standard energy efficiency due to the way your system is installed. Our engineers are Worcester Bosch DIAMOND Accredited, Ideal Gold MAX Accredited and Vaillant Advance Plus Accredited giving you the peace of mind that your boiler will be installed to an exceptional standard.

Our friendly team can help explain all of the above and help you find the most suitable boiler for your home, so if you’re looking for a new boiler in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and beyond, give us a call today on 0808 134 9499 (landline) or 01992 238 252 (mobile) to arrange a consultation.

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