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The Advantages Of Using A Combi Boiler

Our boilers are something that we take for granted but it’s not until they need repairing that we realise just how important they are. However, if your current boiler is ageing or in need of replacement then it’s time to think about changing to a combi boiler. Of course, there are many things to think about when choosing a boiler, especially with so many options out there.

So, if you are considering a combi boiler then you might be wondering what they are, how they work and why you should think about having one installed. Before you go and get a boiler replacement quote for your boiler installation, we’ll explain the advantages of using a combi boiler.

What Is A Combi Boiler?

In this instance, the word combi actually stands for combination as these boilers primarily carry out two functions which is to operate as a repository of water while also heating the water as required not forgetting that they also heat up your home. This is one of the reasons why combi boiler installations are so popular and that’s because it removes the need to have a separate water heater.

Many old homes would have immersion heaters and these would be located upstairs and would use a heater tank often located in the loft. Therefore, when hot water was required, the immersion heater would need to be heated in advance. They took time to heat up and they took up space which made them impractical. So, it’s clear to see why combi boilers are a suitable replacement.

Combi boilers will get their water from the main water supply and unlike immersion heaters, they produce hot water as and when it is needed, giving instant access to hot water. They are more compact, efficient and are suited to modern properties which is why they are a suitable boiler replacement option.

How Does A Combi Boiler Work?

They work by obtaining their water supply from the main water supply which means that when you turn on your hot water tap, the water is instantly hot. The water is heated up using a process that is known as heat exchanger and it is this function that makes a combi boiler installation so appealing.

Combi boilers have a pre-heat system installed within them and this is maintained at a certain temperature when the tap is turned on. It’s common for your boiler to keep the temperature of this water maintained periodically throughout the day. It’s an ideal solution for busy households and those who are looking to save money on heating costs.

What Are The Advantages?

They are compact – As they work to heat water and heat your home, they require less space which means that it’s possible to reclaim space in your loft or your airing cupboard.

They maintain water pressure – As combi boilers are connected to mains it means that they have constant and stable water pressure. They don’t rely on gravity to help the flow of water from the tank and that means that you can benefit from a more powerful shower and overall water pressure.

They are economical – Boiler manufacturers are now making their boilers more economical which means that you can benefit in a number of ways. You can make savings on the amount of space they take up and they no longer need a separate tank, what’s more, installation is often cheaper than more intricate systems.

Reduced energy bills – Manufacturers are also making boilers that are highly efficient as some of them now have an efficiency of more than 90% which is a lot higher than older models. The more efficiency boilers are, the lower your energy bills will be. What’s more, many of them can now be connected up with smart devices which means you can control how your system works and when it works remotely which means you streamline its operation times.

Simple Installation – As they are single appliances, it means that they are easier to install. There is no need to purchase any additional equipment when installing them as there is no separate water tank which means that installation is faster and cheaper.

Instant hot water – This has already been discussed but instant hot water is a significant benefit. It means that you can instantly access hot water when you want it. The water remains hot and it doesn’t cause your energy bills to increase either.

How Long Do Combi Boilers Last?

We understand that a boiler replacement can cost a significant amount of money although prices have dropped in recent years which is why you should also obtain a boiler replacement quote from a few suppliers. Despite this, it’s crucial that you get the best for your money but you also want to to make sure that your chosen boiler replacement will stand the test of time.

With the advantages clear to you, it’s easy to see why they are so appealing to modern homeowners. Despite this, if you are going to be spending out more money on a new boiler then you are going to want to know how long they will last for.

As with anything, the quality of the boiler will determine how long it lasts but also how you look after it. This is where servicing can help because it can help to extend the life of your boiler by ensuring that it works efficiently and that any potential issues are identified and solved.

Cheaper boilers are expected to last for a shorter period of time than more expensive boilers but on the whole, they are expected to last for around ten years or more. What’s also worth noting is that manufacturers also provide excellent warranties and that can also be something to consider when obtaining a boiler replacement quote. It makes sense to service and maintain your boiler as it is likely to ensure that your warranty remains valid while extending the life of your boiler which puts you in a great position.

If you have a busy household and live in a larger property then a high-quality combi boiler is going to be the best option. It can help you to save on heating bills as well as installation and provide you with instant hot water and heating when you need it. It’s convenient too, which makes it great for modern households.

If you are considering a combi boiler then it helps to understand how it can enhance your lifestyle and how you live. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to speak with the experts to make sure that you are opting for the right combi boiler for your home and your specific needs because it is considered to be a significant purchase.

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