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Bought a New Home? Carry Out These Heating Checks

Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience but once you get the keys, you have no idea what condition your central heating system will be in. Therefore, if you find yourself in a position where you have found that perfect home, you’re going to need to do some checks and the central heating system needs to be on your checklist.

Before you purchase, you should make sure that the boiler installation is up-to-speed and works perfectly well. Therefore, make arrangements to view the property and see the heating system working and that includes ensuring there is hot water.

Take The Right Approach To Checking The Heating System

The surveyor is someone that you will rely on to undertake several checks but don’t rely on them to carry out central heating checks. They will not commonly check your central heating and if they do, they will not cover the necessary checks in order to ensure the boiler is working and that you don’t need a boiler replacement. Failing to carry out these checks could mean that you inherit a boiler that is not only faulty but dangerous.

When you move into your new property, you’re going to have a lot to think about. However, finding out you have no hot water or heating can really set you back. Whether you need to clean or turn on the heating because the property is damp, you’ll be unable to. As a result, it’s imperative that you familiarise yourself with the system prior to moving in. This will involve speaking with the seller about the boiler installation and whether any boiler installations have taken place during their time living in the property. A simple conversation with the seller can help you determine whether the boiler is working correctly. If they are decent people, they won’t have any issues with you checking the system but if they behave strangely then you might want to concede that there might be problems.

Check That The Heating And Hot Water Work

It’s a simple check but one that is absolutely necessary. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick cup of tea before unpacking or you’re expecting a hot shower, finding out you have neither is going to cause problems and could mean that a new boiler replacement is on the horizon.

Identify The Stopcock

The stopcock could be a lifesaver if you come across problems with your boiler when you move in. You’ll usually find this under the sink but it is important because if you find out that you have a problem, such as a leak, you can turn the water supply off.

Identify Your System

It’s crucial to establish the type of system that you have. This can be a combination boiler or even a conventional boiler. A combination boiler or a combi boiler as it is known will instantly provide hot water once the boiler is turned on.

A conventional boiler will come with a hot water cylinder and this commonly stored in an airing cupboard or the loft. Find the boiler and switch it on by operating the room stat and choosing a higher temperature than the current temperature in the house. In time, the radiators should heat up. If you have identified that you have heating and hot water then things are looking positive but at this point, you should make sure that all of the taps are operating and that includes the shower too. Leaks can also go unidentified for some time and that makes it important to make sure that you look for water damage on ceilings and floors as water stains could indicate a leak.

If you do spot something then you should call the experts. It could require a simple fix but it might mean that you need a boiler replacement quote although, with 0% boiler finance available, the replacement doesn’t need to be as expensive as you think it will be. One other thing to check is that the boiler hasn’t been isolated which could be likely if the property has been empty for some time. One simple check of the fuse board will tell you all you need to know.

What If You Don’t Have Hot Water Or Heating?

If you have neither then you might want to carry out some simple checks. If you have a combi boiler then check the pressure and make sure it’s above 1.5 bar. If it’s too low then the system will need repressurising. It can be simple to do this but if you are unsure then you should make sure that you call the experts. Every boiler installation is different which means you might have been able to do it in your last property but not in this one.

If it’s a conventional boiler then you should check to see if you can hear the pump running. You should also ensure you have a gas, water and electricity supply as these can be turned off in vacant houses.

Along with this, boilers can go into lock out mode if they have not been used for some time. This can be down to inactive pumps, motorised valves or failure.

So, when purchasing a new home, you should ensure that you budget for a new boiler installation. It’s common for people to move into a new property and find that their boiler is not working. A boiler replacement might be required although a simple repair is all it might take. To ensure you face no nasty surprises, it could be worth getting in touch with Prime Time Boilers so we can give you a boiler replacement quote before you move in.

Many homeowners are so focused on the excitement of moving in and making their new house their home that they often forget about the important things. So don’t assume you won’t experience problems.

One other thing to think about is having the system checked by a professional before you move in. If the engineer finds problems and in particular the need to have a new boiler installation then it could mean that you make savings on the price of the property to factor in the cost of a boiler replacement.

Of course, some fixes can be carried out by homeowners such as dealing with a build of air in the system by releasing it using a radiator key. However, any further work that is more intricate and detailed should be left to the professionals.

All gas appliances, including gas boilers, come with risks and it means that you should use a gas safe registered expert to take care of your problems. If you smell gas when you move in then you should immediately call the gas supply company.

So, enjoy the experience of moving into a new home but take the necessary precautions when it comes to ensuring that your boiler is working correctly.

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