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Five Ways To Fix Your Boiler Fast!

How Long Do Gas Boilers Last?

We have all experienced that feeling of dread when your boiler develops a problem. A million things run through our minds such as “how much is this going to cost”, “I don’t have the money to pay for a new boiler” and “why didn’t I take our cover”. However, when a problem arises, there is nothing left to do other than to look at dealing with the issue.

However, when you do experience a problem the first thing to do is remain calm. After all, the problem might be so simple that you can actually deal with it yourself. There are plenty of people who look online for a solution to their problem, especially those who do not have cover or insurance in place. So, if you want to avoid stepping into a cold shower first thing in the morning or you want to avoid a cold home when you return home from the office, it can help to understand more about simple issues that you might be able to rectify yourself, enabling you to avoid the need for new combi boiler quotes.

Of course, we never recommend attempting to take your boiler apart. It can prove to be a dangerous piece of equipment and any serious work should be taken care of by a Gas Safe engineer. So, the following issues are something that you might be able to solve yourself.

Low Pressure

When the water pressure inside your boiler becomes too low, it will automatically switch off. This is a safety feature that is built into your boiler to prevent it from overheating the water and causing damage. When your new boiler installation took place, the engineer would have set the pressure at the correct level but over time, the pressure can drop. A sudden drop in pressure could indicate a serious problem such as a leak in your central heating system. However, if a decrease in pressure is slow and takes place over a number of years then that could occur as a result of bleeding your radiators. To check the pressure on your boiler, you will need to find the pressure gauge which is located on the front of the boiler and near other controls. To make it easier for homeowners to identify an issue, the gauge will normally have a red and green section. If the needle sits in the green section then this indicates that everything is ok. If the needle sits in the red section then the time has come to take action.

Low pressure can be resolved easily and this can be done by turning a tap or valve with a screwdriver. If you are unsure, then it can help to read the manual for guidance. Failing that, if you are unsure, then it can help to call the experts to ensure that the job is taken care of professionally.

Got An Error Code? Try Resetting it

If your boiler is not working as you expect it to and it is behaving strangely or showing an error code, then you might want to reset it so that it returns back to its original settings. This is often required when the thermostat on the boiler is not reacting in an expected way to the settings that have been put in place. In order to reset the boiler, you will need to find the reset switch or if you have a new boiler, then you might need to find the reset option in the digital settings. Furthermore, you should also double check by reading the manual or by taking a look at the manufacturer’s website.

Air In Your System

Your boiler will fail to work correctly or efficiently should your central heating system have air in it. If you can hear noises from your system such as clanging, knocking or banging then this could indicate that air is in your system. Furthermore, you might also notice that your radiators do not heat up accordingly or they might even overheat. If this is the case then you might want to consider bleeding your radiators. To do this, you will need a radiator key and if more than a seconds worth of air comes out while making a hissing sound then there is a high chance that this was the problem that your system was suffering from.

Your Experiencing Thermostat Issues

This is often one of the obvious checks to carry out, especially if your central heating is not firing into life. Something as simple as your thermostat is set too low can be the issue. You might have more than one thermostat as one might be built into the boiler and the other might be located elsewhere in the home as a separate device, which is used to set timers and such. The first thing to do is to check the main thermostat on your boiler and to ensure that it is not set on a timer or that the temperature is set to a sufficient temperature. One thing to consider is that if the temperature in your home is higher than the temperature you have set on your thermostat then it simply will not fire up.

After checking this, you then need to check your standalone thermostat. You should look to see if it has been set correctly and that the digital display is working. If it isn’t on then it could be time to do something as simple as changing the batteries before trying again.

Check the Pilot Light

If you are unsure what the pilot light is, then this is a small flame that you can see in your boiler. This should always be lit so that the boiler can ignite the gas in order to supply hot water or central heating when required. If the pilot light does go out, then then your boiler will not have the capacity to supply both hot water or heating. So, if your pilot light has gone out then it is fairly easy to relight it. Again, you should always check the manual that came with your boiler to ensure that you do this right.

If you are experiencing problems with your boiler and are unsure what to do, then you should call the experts. Furthermore, if your boiler is old, then it could be worth obtaining a new boiler installation quote. With combi boiler finance available, you might be surprised at how affordable a boiler really can be. So, if you think that you have an issue with your boiler or you want a new gas boiler installation quote then now could be the time to talk to Prime Time Boilers.

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