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Guide To Boiler Servicing

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First and foremost, it is vital that you always call on the services of a qualified engineer such as Prime Time Boilers to undertake your boiler service and put a gas boiler service plan in place.

Whether it is repair work, boiler installation or a boiler service, the truth is, a boiler has the potential to be a very dangerous piece of equipment which makes it vital that any work is carried out by someone who has the correct qualifications and accreditation. What’s more, if you have a gas boiler then the work should also be carried out by someone who is gas safe registered.

These guidelines are constantly being monitored and changed by the Heating Hot Water and Industry Council. However, any specialist will adhere to the regulations and rules that are in place, despite every manufacturer setting out their own suggestions.

It Begins With Not Leaving it too late

The truth is, many people forget that their boiler is always working hard to deliver their home with heating and hot water. What’s more, it is a part of the home that is taken for granted and that means that it is not until a problem arises that homeowners seek assistance. However, waiting until this point is not a good move as this could cause you to need to look for boiler replacements which is why you should be looking to have your boiler serviced annually.

Too often, many people fall into the trap of thinking that a new boiler installation is safe for many years to come. However, they still require servicing on an annual basis. Along with this, if you move into a new property then a gas boiler service plan is a must as this will ensure that your boiler is safe and subsequently your home and family or other residents too.

Therefore, it is important that you find a reputable boiler installation specialist that you can call on year after year to carry out your service as this will enable you to trust them and get to know them. If you leave it too late then you are going to need to consider heating boiler upgrades and that can prove costly. Boiler installations require specialist knowledge and experience and when they come as a surprise, they can cost too.

The Manufacturers Instructions

The manufacturer’s instructions are there for a reason but they serve a very important purpose because they make for a great reference when having your boiler serviced or are having heater boiler upgrades. Of course, most boiler engineers will understand how most boilers work as they would have carried out many boiler installations but having the instructions ensures they are aware of the exact make and model. This will enable them to obtain the right equipment and ensure that they carry out your gas boiler service plan to the right specifications.

If you have inherited the boiler as part of a property purchase, then you might be able to source the instructions from the manufacturer via their website. This is not only a handy reference for your boiler installation expert but they are also good for you too. Should your boiler display any error messages then you can use this to identify the right course of action. All new boiler installations come with instructions and so, you should aim to keep these safe.

So, when the time comes to find someone to service your boiler, you should always ensure that they are Gas Safe registered as all boiler installation and services should be undertaken by a registered specialist. Every engineer should be in possession of a card that shows that they are Gas Safe Registered and they should show you this before they begin carrying out any aspect of the service or boiler replacements. At this point, they should also ask you if the boiler has been performing correctly or whether you have been experiencing any problems as this will help them to carry out a thorough service.

Following the guidelines from the HHIC, the guide below will help you to gain an idea of what the gas service boiler plan entails when undertaken.

  • Ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions are readily available
  • The engineer will briefly operate the boiler to determine whether it is working correctly before isolating the system electronically. This will then be tested using the right equipment before checking the fuse rating and ensuring it is right for the system
  • The boiler case is removed and they carry out a visual inspection of the boiler. They will look internally and externally, looking for any signs of corrosion or water leaks.
  • The boiler is then cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions and this will include the components too, such as the primary heat exchanger or the condensation trap.
  • The engineer will now safely reinstate the electrical supply before carrying out a check of the gas burner pressure, a gas-rate check which is carried out at the gas meter or both.
  • They will then carry out a visual check on the boiler’s flames where visible as well as carry out a flue-gas-analysis test.
  • They will also ensure the correct replacement of any combustion analysis test points and ensure that all boiler case seals create an effective seal.
  • At this point, they will then check that all ventilation requirements for the boiler are successfully met.
  • The boiler flue will be checked along the entire length which includes the point of termination. They will undertake a flue-flow and spillage test if the boiler has an open flue.
  • If the boiler has any safety devices, these will be checked to make sure they are working correctly.
  • Important safety checks will be carried out and this will include checking for gas leaks from the boiler and all connecting pipework where required.
  • If any safety defects are identified then they will note these and provide you with advice while they rectify the problem or follow the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure.
  • If it is not possible to rectify the problem, then they will need to discuss all remedial action and the options available to correct the fault.

The Benchmarks service report and record will be completed while all other work documentation will be provided as per your request or following business policy.
After boiler replacements or boiler servicing, a few final checks will be carried out. This will involve ensuring that the system works correctly while the pressure will also be checked. Your engineer will use this time to discuss any other work that is required and provide advice on regular servicing or heating boiler upgrades. They will also suggest a carbon monoxide alarm that should be installed.

Boilers are intricate system and they must be regularly serviced to ensure that they remain safe while minimising the need for heating boiler upgrades. Along with this, it will also mean that any warranties will be upheld as regular serving is often a requirement for this. You can check your warrant with your manufacturer because it makes sense to ensure that it remains valid as replacement parts and problems can prove expensive to repair. Along with this, a serviced boiler can help to avoid problems while it can help to keep your energy bills low.

Your boiler service engineer will also ensure that they keep you informed of when your boiler requires its next service. This ensures that you do not miss it and keep your boiler performing in the way that it should as this reduces the need for boiler replacements.

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