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My Boiler is making noises – Should I call an engineer?

It’s relatively common for boilers to make noises but how do you know when these noises actually mean something?

If your boiler has suddenly started to make a noise then it is worth getting it checked out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

A boiler that is making a lot of noise or strange noises could have a fault and if that is left unrepaired then it could lead to failure, with this in mind, what noises could you hear and what do they mean?

It’s Making a Gurgling Sound

A gurgling sound is often related to there being too much air in the system. This can lead to a blockage and that can prevent hot water from circulating around the system correctly. A common symptom of this is cold radiators. If you can hear a gurgling sound and the rooms are not heating up correctly, then it is likely to be air in the system.

This doesn’t necessarily require an engineer to attend your property. You can release the air yourself by bleeding your system. By bleeding each of your radiators will allow you to identify whether the problem is solved!

The Boiler is Humming

For your boiler to work correctly, it needs to work with the right pressure. If you can hear a humming noise coming from your boiler then it could mean that the pressure is set too high. The pressure of your boiler should be around 1.5 bar but you should always check your boiler manual for this. Every system will have a pressure gauge that you can check. If there is humming and the pressure is above 2 bar or in the red zone then some pressure will need to be relieved by bleeding the radiators.

If the pressure is correct but there is humming then this could be coming from the pump. Hot water is pushed around your property to the raiders by the pump. If you have a multiple speed central heating pump and the setting is too high then this could cause your boiler to be noisy. There are some reasons why a pump might be set high, therefore, before reducing the speed, you should call a Gas Safe Engineer first.

There is a Whistling Noise

If your boiler is making the same whistling noise as an old fashioned kettle, then this is known as kettling. This can be caused by a build-up of limescale on the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is where the heat from the gas is transferred into the water that then passes to your radiators.

There isn’t an easy fix for this that you can carry out yourself, which means that you will need an engineer. They will carry out a power flush that will remove any limescale and debris from the system, helping to remove any problems.

There is one way of avoiding this problem and that is by asking an engineer to install a magnetic filter. This can be used to collect all limescale and sludge before it builds up and causes problems. This will also prevent kettling while helping your boiler to become more efficient.

The Boiler is Vibrating

The reason why a boiler might vibrate could be something as simple as it not being fitted to the wall correctly. If you have just had your boiler installed then you should give your engineer a call and ask them to come out and rectify the issue. However, vibrating can also be caused by loose parts or components that will need to be checked over by a specialist.

If these issues are not the cause of the problem then it could mean that your central heating pump has been set up so that it is too fast for your home. Alternative, the cause of the vibration could be caused by loose parts or components that have been left open and need losing. While you might be able to take care of tightening a bracket yourself, if your boiler is constantly vibrating then you should call a Gas Safe Registered engineer to come and take a look as there could be an issue with an internal part.

It’s Making a Tapping Sound

A tapping noise is very likely to be caused by the same problem that is causing the vibration such as badly fitted parts or loose parts. In this instance, the loose parts will need to be adequately tightened and will mean that you will need a Gas Safe Registered expert to come and take a look.

Tapping can also be caused by a build-up of limescale or sludge on the heat exchanges and again, that will need a power flush in order to remove it from the system.

The Boiler Makes a Banging Noise

A boiler that makes a banging sound is more than likely going to be caused by trapped air. As above, this can be dealt with by releasing the trapped air through bleeding your radiators. In some instances, a banging noise could be caused by the heat exchanger becoming blocked and a large bubble popping. If this is the case then you will need a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to carry out power flush to remove the debris.

The Boiler Makes a Dripping Noise

If you can hear a dripping noise then this is likely to be caused by a leak. Any leak, no matter how big or small it might be should be looked at by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer as soon as possible.

Even a small leak will eventually become worse if it is left and that could cause further problems and costs. A boiler that is leaking and where the pressure is not too high could be a sign that the boiler might need replacing. Therefore, instead of replacing the faulty component, you might want to consider a full replacement.

A Warm Home Should Mean a Quiet Boiler

If you boiler is making a lot of noise and a lot more than you would consider normal, then you should really think about calling in the experts to take a look and see if there are any issues. If you hold off and leave your heating system making a noise then you could experience full failure and higher costs, so it is really important to get them checked out as quickly as possible.

At Prime Time Boilers, we are Gas Safe Registered which means that we can safely and professionally take a look at your boiler should it be making any noises. We can then carry out any repairs and get it working like new again.

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