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New Boiler with Installation

from only £9.99 a month

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The Seven Benefits of Having an Annual Boiler Service

Your boiler is an integral part of your home but should you avoid a regular annual service then you might find that it is not working as well as it should. This could leave your home unsafe or it could cause you to experience an increase in energy bills. It is quite common for boiler services to be overlooked but that can put you at risk of causing significant damage to your boiler while also potentially increasing your carbon emissions, which adds to the problem of climate change.

With this in mind, how often should you have your boiler serviced? As experts, we recommend that you have an annual service to ensure that all necessary checks are completed regularly and that your system is running as expected. Furthermore, it will ensure that any potential problems are identified as early as possible with repairs being completed as soon as possible. Through regular servicing your boiler will work safely and efficiently.

So, in this article, what we aim to do is look at the benefits of having your boiler serviced annually and how that can help to ease the pressure on your bank balance and make your home a safer and better place to be.

You’ll Keep Your Energy Costs as Low as Possible

When you have an annual boiler service, A Gas Safe Registered engineer will ensure that all the checks are completed to ensure that your boiler is running efficiently and this can help to save you money over a period of time. Through improving the efficiency of your boiler and by having it serviced regularly, you will be able to prevent soot from building up, helping the boiler to operate smoothly and that can help drive down fuel consumption. All of this will help to keep your costs low and help to minimise your environmental impact and your carbon footprint.

Retain Your Boiler Warranty

We all know that boilers are not necessarily cheap, which is why we do wonder why so many people are happy to invalidate their warranty by not having it serviced. Therefore, by choosing to have a regular boiler service, you will ensure that your warranty remains valid. It is now common for many boiler manufacturers to stipulate that you have to have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer each year. This then makes it possible for them to identify any issues and prevent your boiler from breaking down, helping to keep your home warm all year round.

Many different boilers will come with different warranties but you do pay for these warranties so it seems a waste to invalidate them. A service costs very little in the grand scheme of things but a boiler that is out of warranty could prove costly.

Avoid the Cost of Unwanted Repairs

By carrying out regular checks and maintenance on your gas boiler, you will ensure that it remains more reliable and that can help to reduce the risk of repairs in the future. An annual inspection will identify issues immediately which means that they can be fixed and that means that your boiler is less likely to suffer from significant problems later on.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to take care of your boiler is to have it serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer every 12 months. These regular checks can spot issues that would have gone unresolved and would then lead onto more significant issues that are more likely to cost more in the future and could require you to need a complete boiler replacement.

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

While you might think that summer is the wrong time to get your boiler serviced then it’s time to think again. This is actually the best time to get it done because it ensures that it can be completed at a time when your boiler is used less and it ensures that your boiler is ready to fire up again once the colder months arrive. Our boilers are used less and that could mean that you’re faced with a problem once you start to use it again during autumn.

In preparing this way, you will keep your boiler in top shape and you will keep your family safe. You won’t be paying for a significant problem that arises as a surprise and you will be keeping costs down. This is all because a Gas Safe Registered engineer will take care of all the necessary checks.

Your Boiler Will Last Longer

A boiler that is well-maintained is likely to last longer than a boiler that has had very little attention paid to it. This can mean that you will save money on a replacement boiler because this will keep your boiler running smoothly and efficiently. However, as mentioned, it will spot minor problems that can be rectified to help your boiler run better.

The average lifespan of a boiler is around 15 years and if yours is close to that age then there is every chance that it is not operating efficiently. A newer model will come with a range of features that make it highly efficient and more economical.