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Winter is coming, it’s time to keep your house warm

It’s fair to say that our winters are pretty cold in the UK. Sure, they aren’t quite as cold as other parts of the world but in general, our temperatures will regularly reach freezing, especially during night times and so, it makes it even more important to keep our home warm.

As Autumn draws to a close and winter closes in, now it’s time to think about how we can keep our homes cosy.

Whether it’s the howling wind or arctic temperatures that wash over the UK, we all rely on our heating systems to keep each room warm and toasty.

However, if your home is susceptible to draughts then it’s likely that you constantly have to increase the temperature of your heating system to keep your home warm. This means an increase in heating bills.

As experts in central heating systems, we have to express the importance of checking your heating and hot water before the weather takes a turn for the worse. Spend time doing this and it will ensure that you are set up for the colder months. We are all guilty of taking our central heating for granted.

After all, it comes on when you need it to and it keeps your house warm. You don’t need to do a thing but it’s usually during the winter months when we receive more calls from people who have significant problems with their system. So, our heating systems are a necessity and when it is taken away from us, we soon realise how important it is when it comes to allowing us to live comfortably.

It’s Time to Carry Out Checks

So, at this point, it’s time to make sure that you have your heating and hot water system serviced and check. While we know there are visual checks that you can carry out, it makes perfect sense to check a boiler prior to it going wrong rather than attempting to diagnose what is wrong with one that doesn’t work. If your boiler goes wrong then it could be time to take advantage of 0% boiler finance that can keep costs down.

So, it begins with keeping your house warm by having your heating checked over and by making sure that all of the radiators are heating up correctly. If something is not right then it’s worth calling a boiler installation expert who can consider your setup and make any amendments or repairs. For many years, insulation has been a hot topic but it does play an important part in keeping the heat in and helping you to drive down your energy bills.

We recommend that you begin the process in your loft to check out whether you have loft insulation installed and to identify its condition. If it is beginning to break or fall apart then you might want to consider having it replaced. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an expensive job as it can be carried out by most people. All it takes is some planning, purchasing the insulation and laying it in place. What’s more, insulation is readily available at many DIY stores.

Next up it’s important to make sure that all of your windows seal correctly and that also includes frames as this will help to reduce the likelihood of draughts coming into the house but also prevent heat from escaping. Double glazing is hugely effective when it comes to helping retain heat and keep out cold so if your windows need replacing or you don’t have double glazing windows already then it could be time to have them installed if you can afford to.

Not all of the solutions we recommend have to be expensive but draughts from hallways into living rooms or from front doors into homes can cause a problem. A draught excluder is a simple solution that is laid across a door and they can make a significant difference when it comes to reducing draughts.

Your radiators are a crucial part of the home when it comes to keeping it warm. If you want to maximise the amount of heart that your radiators generate while keeping costs low then you can place sheets of tin foil behind them to help reflect heat back into the room. This might be a small solution but it is one that can help prevent heat from leaving the room.

Many houses still have a chimney and open fire yet they are not used. This provides a great opportunity for heat to escape with minimal effort but it is possible to prevent this. Using a chimney balloon, you can seal up the chimney which prevents cold air from getting in and hot air from escaping.

Another option is foam insulation and having it installed within the walls of your home. While this is cheap and effective, it is not something that is suitable for all properties. Therefore, it’s worth carrying out checks and speaking with specialists prior to going ahead with this.

It’s also possible to lose heat through hot water because of a lack of insulation around pipework. Pipe lagging can help to reduce this but it is not possible to prevent it completely as heat will always find a way to escape where possible.

Something that many people fail to consider is the plan with their energy supplier. Many choose to stick with their supplier for convenience and never switch for many years. However, if you want to prepare your home from winter and make savings then it can help to compare prices from different energy suppliers where you could save several hundred pounds each year.

One of the main rooms in the house is the living room and draughts can be a real annoyance in this area of the home. If you find areas where heat loss occurs and implement the right solutions then you can deal with the problem. However, as it is an integral part of the home, you might want to consider installing a smart thermostat that learns your habits and considers the weather in order to set your heating to the right temperature.

Preparing your home for winter requires a stepped approach to carrying out the required checks. It begins with making sure your heating system is working correctly. If this is not the case then it might be time for a boiler replacement quote is obtained from a boiler installations expert.

If everything is fine and you don’t require boiler replacement or boiler installation then seeking out the right solutions that fit your home and needs is the next step. Heat loss can cost a significant amount of money but some quick and easy fixes can make a huge difference to your home.

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