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Beat The Changes and Get a New Boiler

You might have heard about new changes coming into force regarding new gas boilers but what do they mean?

In November 2020, the government announced a new set of changes that would help the UK take one step closer to becoming greener. These changes related to a ban on new gas boilers in new build homes from 2023. This might have left you panicking or worried about what your next move might be, especially if you live in what might be considered a new build.

The announcement did cause some confusion and so, the government changed its plans but it can still help to understand the plans and how they might impact you in the future.

Despite this, it is worth remembering that you can still get yourself a brand new boiler from Prime Time Boilers but it always helps to arm yourself with the latest changes!

The New Changes to the New Changes!

After causing mass confusion, the government changed its plans in October 2021 and stated that the installation of new gas boilers would end in 2035. In place of gas boilers, low-carbon heating such as heat pumps would be installed instead. However, this is still just a proposal and is not 100% confirmed.

Despite this, it is always worth considering how a gas boiler ban would affect 80% of homes in the UK as they use gas boilers. So, what does this mean for the most commonly used type of heating system and what do you need to know?

November 2020

Going back to November 2020, Boris Johnson announced a new plan that was known as the Green Industrial Revolution plan. The plan was to bring the ban on gas boilers forward to 2025. All of this was still very much pie in the sky and nothing was official because the industry had not been consulted.

The Government wants new homes to be zero carbon ready and they want them to emit up to 80% fewer carbon emissions than those built to current standards. So, the news that this had been brought forward to 2023 had to be quashed by the government, something that might give you confidence and peace of mind for the time being. The government stated that it wanted the date to be implemented under the Future Homes Standard as soon as possible.

As expected, the words “Gas Boiler Ban” did not sit well with homeowners, after all, how would those who are in the market for a new boiler around that time fare? What did it all mean?

The Eagerly Awaited Heat and Buildings Strategy

On the 18th October 2021, the government released the Heat and Buildings Strategy. Included in the strategy is a plan to stop the installation of gas boilers by 2035. Homeowners would then have the option of installing low carbon alternatives such as air source heat pumps.

Heat pumps cost more than gas boilers and that includes the running costs and the upfront costs. So, in order to help homeowners make the switch, vouchers are available to cover the £5,000 cost and these will be available from April 2022. However, there will only be 90,000 vouchers available across a period of 3 years, which proves that there is not enough to help everyone make the switch but still, there is no need to panic.

So, Are Gas Boilers Going to Be Banned?

If you already own a home, then you might not be affected. This is because the legislation proposes that homes that are built from 2025 will need an alternative to gas boilers. However, all other homes can have gas boilers installed up to 2035. At this point, a ban will come into effect for gas boilers on all properties.

So, as we are heading in 2022, you might find yourself in need of a new boiler. That new boiler might well last until 2035, so you’re probably wondering what will happen? If your boiler is still going strong, then there is nothing that you need to do. You can keep that boiler until it needs to be replaced.

What Happens With New Builds?

If you currently have a home with a gas boiler, it can help to find out how new builds are being heated as this might impact you when the blanket ban comes into effect.

So, from 2025, all new build homes will be given low-carbon alternatives such as air source heat pumps. As it currently stands, only around 30,000 heat pumps are being installed across the UK each year but the government wants to increase that to 600,000 by 2028.

These systems extract and compress heat from the air or ground to heat water and that can then be used in showers, taps and radiators.

What About Hydrogen?

There is also a proposal to introduce hydrogen into the gas network with the aim of eventually producing enough to supply the whole network. Hydrogen works differently from natural gas as it does not produce any carbon emissions when burnt.

The hydrogen would be blended into the gas grid as modern boilers can accommodate an 80:20 blend of natural gas and hydrogen without the need for modifications. So, at this stage, homeowners would not notice any change in the way in which homes are heated while there would be no expense either.

The next stage would involve ensuring that all new boilers are hydrogen ready. This means that they would use natural gas to begin with but would need a small modification in order to work with hydrogen.

So, in the future, you might find that you need to replace a gas boiler with one that is hydrogen ready although it will work in the same way as your current boiler. However, technology is changing rapidly and alternatives are being researched to see whether a cheaper and easier solution is available.

Can You Still Get a Gas Boiler?

Of course you can, so now is not the time to panic! When you turn to Prime Time Boilers, we make it possible for you to take advantage of our low prices and an excellent range of boilers to suit all homes.

We are industry leaders when it comes to boilers and what the current changes are but trust us when we say that you can turn to us to purchase your next boiler. We have affordable boilers to fit your budget and service packages that will take care of your boiler year after year. So, even if you need to change your boiler today, you can still opt for a trusted and efficient boiler without the worry of having to adhere to these changes just yet. But, when that time comes, we’ll make sure you know!

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