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Selecting the Best Location For Your Boiler

Boilers are not the most aesthetically pleasing appliances that we have around our home but there is no denying how important they are to us. From providing heating for the home to hot water and ensuring we remain comfortable, they are an integral part of the home that we simply cannot do without.

However, as we mentioned, they are not the best looking and they are rather cumbersome although improvements have been made in both areas in recent years, so they are smaller and better looking which is a positive.

Despite this, they have to be placed somewhere in the home and where you choose to have it installed will have an influence on the cost, the efficiency and how long it lasts. You might be considering a new boiler because your current one is old and needs replacing or you might require a new boiler in order to free up space where the current boiler sits, whatever the reason, it’s important that you consider everything. So, you have a number of options available to you. However, these options will be determined by the size of your home and the layout as both can bring benefits and restrictions alike.

Leave Your Boiler Where it is

This is undoubtedly the easier option as it is simply easier to keep it in the position of your current boiler. As your current or old boiler was seated here, it means that the area is likely to be ready and set up in readiness for boiler components which will include the likes of the condensate pipe and the flue. At this point, it is also worth recognising that not every potential area of your home will be able to accommodate these components that easily, making this a serious consideration to make.

If you do choose to leave your boiler in the same place then you should make sure that you clear around the area and make space. A thorough clean before your new boiler is installed will enhance the flow of air and will help to reduce the potential for common problems that might arise, minimising the risk of requiring any further extensive work.

Placing Your Boiler in Your Airing Cupboard

It’s common for hot water tanks to be installed in airing cupboards and this means that they are a good place in which to install your new boiler. In doing this, it means that a large amount of the pipework can be easily and efficiently routed to the boiler when it is positioned close by. Another benefit of using an airing cupboard is that they are generally out of sight, which means that they are the perfect location for a flue to exit through a wall or roof while ensuring that disruption is kept to a minimum.

One other significant benefit is that opting to install your boiler in an airing cupboard will generally free up additional space elsewhere in the home. However, something to consider is that you are going to lose storage space that you once benefitted from while extra components will need to be installed, especially if the boiler you have selected is large. There are plenty of boilers to choose from on the market, especially when it comes to 0% boiler finance, this means that you have plenty of options to choose from when finding a boiler if you are choosing to install one in your airing cupboard.

Garages and Annexes

If you are choosing to have a boiler replacement and are looking for a completely new area in which to install your boiler then you might want to consider a garage or an annexe. Spaces that are detached or semi-detached provide a significant element of flexibility when it comes to installing 0% finance boilers. They are also particularly useful when it comes to installing oil boilers as these can have a problem with odours.

When you install a boiler that is positioned away from the main home, it means that they can be accessed easily and with minimal fuss, which is perfect when they need servicing or repairing. It allows you to go about life while work is being carried out and for many, that is a significant advantage to choosing this option. Along with this, all extensive work relating to your boiler installation can be carried out prior to shutting off your current system before switching over.

This means that the period between moving from your old system to your new system is reduced. Modern boilers have evolved considerably and they are now exceptionally quiet. Despite this, opting for an area that is positioned away from the home will guarantee complete silence while people within the home are working or sleeping. With the space available to you, you could turn a garage or an annexe into a boiler room, keeping everything easily accessible and away from the main property.

Boiler Installation in Lofts and Attics

More boiler installations are taking place in lofts and attics and although it is becoming popular, it is worth considering the challenges that come with it.

To begin with, access to the loft has to be simple which means that you need an entrance that is wide enough to carry the unit through while the installation is taking place. Along with this, the process of installing the boiler will take longer while labour costs will increase. Furthermore, you are going to be restricted when it comes to medium or small boilers.

Another thing to consider is when the time comes to have your boiler repaired, serviced or replaced throughout the years. With access via a ladder required, it can add a lot of time to the process while you’ll also have problems accessing the boiler when you need to carry out basic maintenance. Despite this, by moving it into the loft, you will be using space that is considered dead space while freeing up more space in the home.

More customers are choosing to have their oil boiler positioned outside in a weatherproof freestanding unit while having the hot water tank and all components installed in the loft to free up space.

Whatever you choose, when it comes to having a new boiler installed, you will need to think about the entire process. Even when it comes to running new gas supplies and routing condensate pipes will require a thorough survey. What this means is that it is important to make sure that you call on the experts when you choose to either move or install a new boiler in a new location as it is a job that requires experience and expertise.

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