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Why Tado is Perfect for the Busy Home

We all lead busy lives and we often find that we simply no longer have time to take care of the important things in life. This is particularly true when it comes to being comfortable at home and the way in which we use our heating systems.

Commonly, people will set their system to turn on and off at a certain time of the day based on their needs because that is all that their heating system will allow them to do. So, they might choose for it to turn on at 5 am in the morning so the house is warm when they get out of bed. They might then choose for it to turn on at 4 pm in preparation for the household to arrive home. However, the truth is that these timings would have worked many years ago when our lives were more rigid and people simply went to work and came home but life is no longer like that.

After work meetings, catch-ups with friends and even sports classes with the children all mean that you might arrive home at different times throughout the week. What this means is that your heating system might have been working for longer than needed. What’s more, it might even turn itself off before you arrive home, meaning that your house is cold, so you need to turn it on again. It’s not ideal but there is a solution and this is where Tado can help to make a difference.

Tado Offers Flexibility

Tado provides smart solutions that are designed to control the way in which we live through flexibility. Busy households have mixed schedules but the flexibility of Tado ensures that all those who have access to the smart app can control the heating whenever they need to. Whether it is the teenager arriving home from school or dad arriving home after a late night at the office. You can turn your heating on and off from your app, providing you with flexibility over how and when the system is used.

Along with this, they come with a host of skills that are designed to give you even more control. So, set it up to activate your heating when you get closer to home or set it around your daily or weekly schedule. Whatever you need, you can be sure that Tado will fit around your lifestyle.

You Can Take Control of When You Use Your Heating

Sometimes, our schedules change and we don’t always arrive home when we planned to and in some cases, we may even arrive home early. In the days before smart heating was introduced, it probably would have meant that you would have arrived home to a cold house but that is no longer the case.

If the house is empty and someone is heading home, they can open the app and turn the heating on. It means that you can control your system at the push of a button. So whether you know that the children are on their way home and you won’t be there to meet them there, you can make sure that the house is nice and toasty for them when they walk through the door. What’s more, you can even control the temperature in every room so you could even heat up the living room and the kitchen and their bedroom, making sure you don’t waste energy on heating rooms that won’t be used until the whole household is home.

It Can Save Money – Even for The Busiest of Households

We are all different and so, while the parents might be in need of heating up the living room in preparation for settling down for the evening, their teenage son might prefer to have his bedroom window open. In most cases, having the heating on and the window open is counter-productive and results in a loss of heat and an increase in costs. However, if you have a Tado thermostat it will take care of this problem as it will detect that there is a window open and will then deactivate the heating in that particular room. This will help busy households to save a considerable amount of money on their energy bills.

Along with this, utilising the Geofencing feature will enable Tado to detect when you are on your way home. So whether you are on your way home from the shops or the office, it will know when you are nearby and will then activate your heating. This helps to ensure that the heating is only used when needed and that can significantly reduce the amount of time your heating remains on when nobody is at home.

Set The Perfect Temperature

We are all different and that means that different members of a household might prefer different temperatures. Older systems would set the temperature and it would remain at that for the entire household. This could leave children feeling uncomfortable in bed while the parents are comfortable and warm while relaxing for the evening. However, Tado removes this problem and enables you to set the temperature for specific rooms. Therefore, it’s possible to control the temperature of the baby’s room, which is especially important while you might prefer to keep the main bedroom cooler in readiness for bedtime.

This level of control is perfect for a household that has people with different preferences. Essentially, it provides the ability to take control and provide a more comfortable environment.

Busy Households Can Forget To Turn The Heating Off

With so many people coming and going, it is common for households to experience some sort of confusion over who has and who hasn’t turned the heating off. What this means is that the heating could be left on all day long, costing money while it is not possible for anyone to return home and turn it off. However, a Tado thermostat deals with this problem flawlessly because it is possible to access the app and simply turn it off. This ability to control the app and ensure the heating system is used correctly will transform the way in which a busy household uses its heating system.

Our Tado thermostats are designed to provide a simple solution for all households, including busy ones. They help to save money, reduce energy consumption and provide people with a greater level of control.

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