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10 Gas Safety Tips For Your Home

Are you taking the opportunity to look at how you can remain gas safe while at home? Are you a landlord and looking at how you can adhere to all the gas safety regulations. If a gas appliance becomes unsafe, then it could result in carbon monoxide poisoning, dangerous leaks and even fires but you can avoid these risks. Using our gas safety tips, you will be able to ensure that all of your appliances are safe which includes your boiler but also all other appliances such as your oven. In doing this, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

So, in this article, we will explore a range of ways in which you can make sure that your property is gas safe. We will also discuss the importance of gas safety inspections, what they entail and how you should act in an emergency.

Always Have an Annual Gas Safety Check

We recommend that you should aim to have a gas inspection each year and maybe even every six months if you wish. This inspection will check your gas appliances and it will be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If you are a tenant and living in a rental property, then your landlord should take responsibility for arranging these checks each year. Throughout the inspection, the engineer will carry out checks on all pipework, will ensure that everything is tightly connected and that there are no leaks. These checks take around 30 minutes to complete.

Get a Gas Safety Certificate

It is especially important to get copies of your Gas Safety Certificate to ensure that you know and can prove that your appliances are safe to use. So, what is a Gas Safety Certificate? Also known as a Gas Safety Record, this is a document that will be provided by a Gas Safe Registered engineer following the completion of their checks and repairs that they might have carried out at your property. The record will clearly state that your appliances are safe to use and that they should be checked every 12 months. This certificate is a legal requirement for landlords.

Always Check their ID

There are people out there who claim to be Gas Safe registered yet never have their ID checked, even though they are not Gas Safe registered. Giving an unqualified person permission to service your gas appliance could put you and your home at risk. Therefore, before they begin working, you should ask to check their ID, this will ensure that you are confident that they are fit to carry out the work and any repairs. Only engineers who are Gas Safe registered should work on your boiler and remember, they should have an official Gas Safe Register membership card.

Have Annual Boiler Service

It is also recommended that you have your boiler serviced at least once per year. This will ensure that it is running correctly as well as efficiently while it will also keep your warranty valid which is especially important. A boiler service takes no time at all and they are well priced. Furthermore, by having your boiler serviced you could also save yourself money as it will reduce the potential for serious problems in the future.

Fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

With a boiler in your home, you should consider having a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. This could be one of the best decisions you could make because it means that you are doing everything possible to avoid the risks. If your appliances have been wrongly installed then there is a risk of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odourless gas and as it cannot be detected then it could cause death. So, by installing an alarm, you will be protected as it will alert you as soon as carbon monoxide is detected. It needs to be placed a metre from your boiler and 15cms from the ceiling.

Understand the Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

While a detector is a first line of defence, it can help understand the six signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you know the signs then you could save a life. Carbon monoxide is a clear gas that you cannot taste or smell but when inhaled, it can be deadly. As a result, the six main symptoms that you should look for are headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness, collapse and loss of consciousness.

Only Use Gas Appliances As They Are Intended To Be Used

If you tamper with gas appliances then this could prove fatal and so, you should only use gas appliances in the way that they are intended to be used. This will ensure that you use them safely and avoid any serious problems that might arise. Therefore, gas appliances should have the right ventilation while no air vents should be blocked as this will mean that they can burn correctly and ultimately reduce the risk of fire or explosion.

Keep an Eye Out For Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that you can look out for when it comes to your gas appliances. One way to check that your appliances are working correctly is to look for cracks, leaks, unusual noises and black, sooty marks. This could indicate that it’s time to have your boiler checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You should also check external vents to make sure that they are not blocked.

Understand What You Need to Do In An Emergency

The main thing that you should do is to act fast. This is one of the most crucial things that you can do when there is an emergency. If you can smell gas then you should make sure that you open all doors and windows to aid ventilation while you should then turn off the gas emergency valve before leaving the property. You should then call the National Emergency Gas on 0800 111 999.

Follow all of the advice that you are given by the adviser on the phone and then wait for an engineer to arrive at your property. You should not use any electrical switches or smoke near the appliances as this could cause an explosion or fire.

Get Your Appliances Checked if You Move Home

With a new home comes lots of excitement but don’t automatically assume that the appliances are safe to us. Therefore, before you use them you should get them checked over by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This will ensure that all of the appliances are safe for use and that you can settle into your new home with confidence.

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