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Having A Loft Conversion

With house prices increasing, more people are finding that they are not in the right financial position to move. This is particularly challenging if a family has outgrown their home or circumstances have changed which has resulted in more space being required.

Whatever the reason, if moving is not possible then many people opt to make use of the space they have. Every home will have a loft and that empty void that sits there doing nothing can become an integral part of the home if it is converted.

In the UK, there has been a significant increase in the number of loft conversions taking place. People are now seeing the potential in their own property and so, a loft conversion can save them money and enhance the value of their property, not forgetting the additional space it will provide too. Older homes, in particular, are ideal candidates for loft conversions because of their build quality and character. They usually have a lot of space in the loft and the sloping roof is ideal for a dormer, providing extra space for an office, a bedroom or even a playroom for the children.

However, saving money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and with that comes the need to seek alternatives.

Don’t Focus Solely On The Loft Conversion
Of course, ensuring the loft conversion goes smoothly is vital and that means that homeowners will need to manage the project but there is more to think about. While it will add value and space, it is going to impact on other areas of the home and that makes it important to identify what is going to need to change.

Working with your loft conversion specialists, one of the areas you will need to consider is heating. After all, your current home will have a heating system of some sort but will it be right for the job once radiators or other heating solutions have been fitted in the loft space?

There is no doubt that a loft conversion will impact the heating and the hot water systems as in many cases, the space for the tanks will be removed to increase the usable space in the loft. Along with this, the demand for hot water might increase too, especially if the loft is being converted to house an additional bathroom or shower room.

Where tanks are present in the loft, they usually form part of a standard system and this is where the cold water storage and the feed and expansion take place. However, the size of the property will play a part in determining the specific requirements and so, it will mean that both the cold water storage as well as the feed and expansion will need to be removed and so, that opens up the possibility of opting to install a new combi boiler. This will mean that there will be no requirement for any tanks located in the loft and it will provide your home with instant hot water when you need it, transforming the way in which you live. Therefore, when people choose to go for a loft conversion, they often choose to completely change their heating and hot water system by replacing and upgrading the system, as this improves the overall finish of the loft.

As mentioned, some people might choose to install extra radiators in the loft, and these will be connected directly to the heating system. However, even though traditional radiators are the most efficient when it comes to the amount of energy they use, there are other popular options such as electric radiators that don’t require the installation of pipework. Despite this, there are reasons why people don’t opt for electric, with safety being one of the main reasons.

A Combi Boiler Might Not Be Enough Alone
In some instances, the size of the property with the additional loft conversion can mean that a simple combi boiler is not enough to supply the property with hot water and heating. Therefore, a storage vessel or an un-vented cylinder might be required. These pressurised cylinders are available to purchase in a range of sizes to suit every home and they rely on mains pressure as well as a steel tank to ensure that homeowners can enjoy a shower or a bath.

You might also find that the conventional boiler is old and tired and so, a system boiler that works alongside an un-unvented cylinder will often do the trick and provide everything homeowners need. However, it’s important that you work closely with specialists to identify what you need and what will work best for your circumstances. This will stand true for both the hot water and the heating because adding a simple radiator or turning the space into a bathroom will mean that you’ll need to consider increasing your boiler size.

Older boilers were known to be excessively large but if you are going through the process of a loft conversion then now might be the time to think about your heating system. As part of the loft conversion, it is likely that you are going to be making improvements in the insulation of your property as well as the loft and as a result, it might become apparent that you don’t actually need a large system and so, a smaller system will suffice.

So, you might be going through a lot of changes in the home with a loft conversion but in reality, it is the ideal time to assess your heating and hot water system. It could provide you with the opportunity to upgrade and enhance your home in other ways. With better insulation, a new system will transform the efficiency of your home. What’s more, with modern controls such as those from Tado, it will transform the way in which you use your heating system.

Invest in your heating system and it will look after you through the years. However, it’s imperative that you gain professional advice and guidance from experts such as Prime Time Boilers. Finding the right boiler requires insight and understanding. With many different manufacturers and systems, finding the right one for your budget might prove a challenge. Therefore, professional advice could help you to make savings and enhance the efficiency of your home in many ways.


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