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If you are without heating or hot water then getting your boiler replaced is an essential service, we have taken action to prevent the spread of COVID-19,
including Remote Boiler Surveys via Video Call & issuing PPE to our Surveyors & Engineers. More Info

If you are without heating or hot water then getting your boiler replaced is an essential service, we have taken action to prevent the spread of COVID-19,
including Remote Boiler Surveys via Video Call & issuing PPE to our Surveyors & Engineers. More Info

How much can I save with smart heating?

The world we live in is becoming more and more automated as the months roll by. Our homes have seen a significant change when it comes to automation but some of those changes have been met with concerns over the way in which we are allowing our lives to be controlled by complex equipment.

Despite this, there are more and more people now turning to smart heating control systems in the home because they want to have greater control over how they live and what they spend.

So, while they might have adopted something as simple as smart lighting, they are now making the switch to smart heating systems. These systems have become more complex in recent years but with that comes greater control and a better ability to ensure that you remain on top of what you spend.

As a result, Tado smart heating thermostat has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners who are looking to save money but can they really save you money?

Understanding Smart Heating

Smart thermostats or smart heating gives you the ability to control the temperature of your home based on your preferences, all of which can be done using a smart device. This could be a smartphone or a tablet but they all allow you to control the heating of your home remotely without needing to physically touch your thermostat.

These are known to offer a higher level of efficiency when compared to traditional thermostats as smart heating controls enable you to take control of your central heating at any time and from anywhere. Brands like Tado are increasing in popularity and that is all down to the fact that homeowners are now beginning to understand the advantages.

How Does Smart Heating Work?

Smart home heating can be installed efficiently into your home by experts like Prime Time Boilers and they are compatible with most modern boilers which means that you have the ability to save money from the moment it is installed.

Smart home heating systems are plugged directly into the boiler and that is why it is always advisable to make use of a specialist installation service. However, once the system has been installed, homeowners can then go through the process of connecting it to their smart device and their wi-fi network, all of which is done through an app and this is where the system can be effectively managed.

smart electric heating

As Tado is known to be one of the best home heating systems, you can rely on it to give you complete control. After installation and setup has taken place, you can then begin to implement settings that provide greater control of temperature and timings as well as what you spend. Smart electric heating is designed to understand your routine and detect when you are home or not.

They also use geofencing which means that the systems are alerted when your smart device has gone beyond a certain location, and at this point, the heating system can be turned on. In terms of savings, this means that you don’t have to set your heating based on guesswork as to when you will arrive home.

This system works in real-time and that helps to reduce the amount that you use your smart heating system and that ultimately leads to savings. They come with a whole host of settings that are designed to help you gain an understanding of how to operate your system more efficiently and with that comes the ability to cut costs.

So, Will, It Save Me Money and How Much Will I Save?

In short, it will save you money but as with anything, this is all down to the way in which users set up and use the best smart heating system for them.

Effectively, smart heating is aimed at providing convenience but also energy efficiency and this is where the savings can really come in. Tado is considered to be one of the best smart heating systems and it enables you to implement a variety of settings that prevent you from wasting energy. To get the most from the system and to save as much as possible users are going to need to manage what they do with their smart thermostat.

As a result, users are going to need to manage the app and check it to ensure that it is gaining an understanding of how they use it. Along with this, users can check that they have not left their heating and if so, they cans simply turn it off. In most cases, if someone goes to work and they have left the heating on, that is going to be running all day long and that will come with an increase in costs.

In contrast to this, smart thermostat users can switch off their heating and turn it on when they need to, all of which provides them with the ability to determine what works best for them. Smart heating will also provide monthly reports and a clear insight into how much energy they are using and when they are using it as well as the cost. This makes it possible to make changes to the point where monthly costs can be compared to identify what works best.

smart heating controls

Users can also take it one step further by creating zones in their homes and that means that they are not heating empty rooms or rooms that simply do not need heading. It is the ideal way to save money because a traditional system will almost always heat up the whole house when that is not required at all.

What Are the Hard Facts When it Comes to Saving Money?

What might surprise you is that you could actually slash your bills by as much as 31% if you install a Tado thermostat. When you consider that the average household spends around £800 a year on heating, then this could add up to a significant amount.

In fact, it is well-known that the savings more than cover the cost of the smart thermostat within one year and that is a worthwhile consideration.

The Potential to Save Money is There to See

There is no denying the fact that smart thermostats can help households to manage their energy usage and save money. The ability to actively manage bills and how much energy is used ensures that homeowners can find what works best for them.

The apps provide them with the ability to set up their heating in a way that saves energy, which is good for the environment but is also useful for those who are keeping an eye on their outgoings.

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