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Plumber or Heating Engineer – Who Do I Need to Install a Boiler?

If you have noticed that your boiler is not working as efficiently as it was or if it has failed completely, it could be time to consider installing a new boiler. A new boiler will keep your home warm and ensure that you have hot water but who do you call to install it?

Homeowners often find that they are confused when it comes to knowing who they should call. Do they call a plumber or do they call a heating engineer? So, who is right for the job when it comes to installing your boiler?

While there might be some overlap between the two roles, they are both different and to ensure that your boiler is installed correctly you will need to make sure that you call the right company.

Is It Possible For a Plumber to Install Your Boiler?

As we said, there is some overlap between a heating engineer and a plumber. A plumber can carry out some types of jobs on your heating system. They will have the ability to change your radiators and fit thermostatic valves while they can also carry out repairs to showers, water tanks, radiators and pipework.

Plumbers will have a lot of experience when it comes to plumbing services which means leaks, dripping taps and the installation of appliances that use water although they are not necessarily qualified to install a gas boiler.

It is possible for some plumbers to be Gas Safe Registered but this is not necessarily a standard thing. So, what can a plumber do?

  • They can clear blockages in pipes
  • Identify leaks and carry out repairs
  • Install appliances that use water
  • Fix and repair bathroom suites
  • Identify problems with toilets and the associated systems
  • Maintain drainage, sewage and irrigation systems

So, it is clear to see that a plumber plays an important role when it comes to problems around the home. However, it is clear to see that there is also a difference between their expertise and what they can offer. If you find that a plumber offers a service that does both, then it is important that you consider the problem and determine whether someone who can do it all has the right skills and qualifications to complete the job safely.

What you should avoid is a plumber that has no idea what they are doing and will install your boiler incorrectly. This is dangerous and could lead to all kinds of problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning and other issues.

This is why it is important that you assess the problem and then carry out thorough research on what they offer and the service they provide. When installing a boiler, it is critical that they are Gas Safe Registered. This will ensure that they work in line with the law when working with gas based appliances such as boilers.

Can a Heating Engineer Install Your Boiler?

As the name suggests, a heating engineer will focus on providing a service that works on heating systems in both domestic and commercial properties. So, this will make them experts in heating systems and that is why you want to contact a heating engineer when it comes to installing your boiler.

They have experience in fixing boilers and installing them which means that they know all about the risks of working with gas and what is involved in ensuring they complete a job that is professional and safe.

If you need a new boiler installed then you should always call a heating engineer. While they can assist with the installation, they can also deal with other issues such as repairs, servicing and emergencies with the following:

  • Radiators
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • Pipework
  • Thermostats
  • All other elements of your heating system

This is why it is important that you assess the problem and then carry out thorough research on what they offer and the service they provide. When installing a boiler, it is critical that they are Gas Safe Registered. This will ensure that they work in line with the law when working with gas based appliances such as boilers.

We have to place a focus on the importance of ensuring that the installation is safe. Therefore, they have to be Gas Safe Registered as this is essential to ensure that the installation is completed correctly.

The Importance of a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

The jobs related to heating and plumbing are wide and varied which means that different skills, experience and qualifications are required. There are tradespeople who can do a little bit of everything but the majority will choose to specialise in certain areas.

A heating engineer will have a vast amount of knowledge and they will be highly skilled in installing boilers. However, they might not get involved in all elements of a heating system. This means that a plumber might be a better choice when it comes to replacing radiators but a plumber will not get involved in the process of installing a boiler.

Working on boiler installation will involve gas which means that you should only use a Gas Safe Registered engineer. In fact, only a Gas Safe Registered engineer should agree to carry out the work and that is the difference because a plumber does not need to be Gas Safe Registered.

The gas industry is heavily regulated for all the right reasons and that means that engineers have to work to high safety standards. So, when you make contact with a heating engineer, you should make sure that they are registered.

Finding a Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer

As we have mentioned, the installation of a boiler does require knowledge, expertise and skill. It should only be managed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and all of them will display their certification wherever possible such as on their website or even on their vehicles. Anyhow, you can still carry out the relevant checks on the Gas Safe website to confirm that a company is Gas Safe Registered.

If there is no mention of being Gas Safe registered when you make contact with a heating engineer then you might want to question whether they have something to hide. Of course, don’t rule them out so perhaps it is worth asking them the question.

Before Allowing a Heating Engineer to Begin Work

Before allowing a heating engineer into your house to begin working on your boiler installation, you should make sure that you carry out the relevant checks. This is especially important and could be the difference between a professional service and one that does not meet standard. So, you should ask to see their Gas Safe ID and when they show you it, you should check it thoroughly.

To do this you should ensure that the name on the business card matches the name of the business and you should make sure that the photo matches the engineer. Check that the card is in good condition and not tampered with as well as the expiry day as it might have passed. Finally, you should also check that there is a security hologram.

If you suspect that they might not be legitimate then you are within your rights to report them.

So, when it comes to installing a new boiler, you should make sure that you choose a reputable heating engineer as this will ensure your boiler is installed correctly.

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