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A Step by Step Guide to Boiler Installation

When it comes to having a new boiler, there is a lot about the process that many people do not know about. After all, you’re not really expected to know and unless someone shows you, you’ve no reason to know. However, it can help to understand the process so you can get an idea of what it entails and what you should expect.

Of course, you will put your trust in a Gas Safe Registered company like us at Prime Time Boilers, but it still helps to understand the work that they will be doing.

The process of finding and installing a new boiler can prove stressful because it is a big decision that you have to get right. With so many things to think about, as well as the cost, it’s easy to see why so many choose to put it off. However, we never recommend leaving your boiler too long until you have it replaced, especially if you know that it is faulty as this could lead to a whole range of problems such as water leaks, gas leaks and even explosion and death. So, we have created a small guide to boiler installation that can help you to get your head around the process and what you need to think about.

It will cover some of the usual considerations that you will need to make before you have your new boiler installed but it will also provide information on the installation process and beyond that.

The Right Boiler For You

When you turn to Prime Time Boilers, we do everything possible to make the process as easy as possible. From our expertise to our online quote tool, you can find a boiler that fits your home and your needs with ease. There are some considerations to make with this and we can help with that if you need us to.

Consider How Much Water You Use – If you have a large family and a large home, you are more likely to use a lot of water than a house with one person living in it. So, if your water demand is high, you are probably better off going for a conventional boiler.

  • The Space You Have – If your home is lacking space, a combi boiler will be a good option as you don’t need a hot water cylinder to be installed with it. This can help to free up valuable space.
  • Where You Want the Boiler Located – There are some places around the home that are best when it comes to installing your boiler. This can include the kitchen or certain cupboard as this helps to make installation easy but also less disruptive. Of course, you can place the boiler anywhere you like but just remember that this might come with extra work and extra cost.

Choosing a Safe Boiler Installation Expert

So, you might have an idea what boiler you want or need but now you need someone to install it for you. The main thing to ensure is that the engineer is Gas Safe Registered and you should ask to see proof. You should also speak to others, carry out research online and check out online reviews as these can all help you to make an informed decision.

When Should You Have Your Boiler Installed?

You might not always be able to choose when your boiler is installed, especially if it breaks down without any warning. However, if you opt for the summer months, then you will have more of a chance of finding a time that suits you. Along with this, this is the time when you use your heating less and require less hot water which means less disruption.


The Different Types of Boilers

There are three main types of boiler and these are known as the combi, the system boiler and the conventionional. The right one for you will depend on things such as whether you have a gas connection, how much hot water you use, the space you have and how efficient you want your system to be. If you opt for the same boiler, then the installation will be easier but there are plenty of benefits of switching to a new boiler such as one that offers better energy efficiency.

The Installation Process

Your engineer should aim to make the installation as simple and hassle-free as possible. They should have the right equipment and tools as well as protect your carpets and flooring.

1. Prior to Starting Work

Your engineer will check a few things to begin with such as the number of radiators you have, your water pressure, where your existing boiler is located and the number of bathrooms you have.

2. Installation day

If the installation is a straight swap, which means installing a combi for a combie as an example, then you can expect the work to be completed in a day. Although, if your existing system is old or if you are changing to a different type, there could be complications which make the installation more time-consuming. Furthermore, you will also need to go through the settings so you understand how it works.

3. The Cost

The cost of a boiler can vary depending on the type of boiler, the size of your home and the work involved but fortunately, you can spread the cost of your boiler over a specific period, helping to make it more affordable. We have a clear quoting system that enables you to provide details before we give you the price of a new boiler, making it quick and easy.

4. Obtaining the Right Documentation

If the boiler is being installed in a business premises then it is important that you have all the necessary documentation to comply with Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules. You will need to inform the local authorities once a new gas appliance has been installed and you should receive a Building Regulations Certificate along with a Benchmark Certificate to prove compliance.

5. After the Installation

You should ensure that the work comes with a guarantee which is what we offer at Prime Time Boilers. This will ensure that the work is covered should any problems arise. This is something that you should find out before the work begins.

Finally, you should also look to put a servicing plan in place. While your new boiler will have a manufacturer’s guarantee, that isn’t enough to ensure you don’t have problems. Therefore, you should make sure that you either remember to book a service each year or you take out an affordable servicing plan that takes care of everything for you.

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