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What is the Right Temperature for My Home?

So, this question is up for debate because there are those who love to keep their home warm and there are those who like to keep an eye on their bills and keep the temperature low.

Of course, during lockdown and with all of us at home, the temperature of our own home really matters. However, when it comes to deciding on the right temperature what really matters? The fact that you and everyone who lives there is comfortable or the cost of your energy bills.

Maybe you have one eye on how efficient your energy system is instead of the temperature of your home while also ensuring you reduce your carbon footprint. So, with all of this in mind, we are going to take a look at what the research says the ideal temperature of every home should be.

The Average Temperature of a UK Home

The temperature of our home is determined by our seasons. Obviously, during the summer months, it can mean that our houses are left cooler because we decide to either turn down the temperature or turn the heating off. However, turn to winter and it’s a completely different story because we can have very cold winters. What this means is that the average temperature during the winter months is around 20°C which equates to each room having an average temperature of around 18°C. In recent years, central heating systems have evolved considerably and now they are providing so much more. When you look back to the 1970s, the average home was around 12°C which is considerably cooler than what we currently have.

If you set your temperature to 12°C, you would soon notice the difference but many people who are now asked what they set their temperature at, many will say between 25 and 30°C. That seems extremely high and almost tropical-like while there are those who do prefer a cooler home because they are naturally warm people. So, much of the time, the temperature of any property is reflected in the personal preferences of those who live there.

Do Women Prefer Warmer Temperatures?

This might seem like a strange question but it’s a common debate that takes place around the country. Some men prefer their home to be cooler and find themselves turning down the thermostat when their partner isn’t looking. However, this is often met by their partner complaining that it is too cold before turning the temperature back up. This is not a myth because studies have found that men and women have different preferences when it comes to their preferred room temperature. As a result, it has been found that on average, women prefer the temperature to be 2.5°C warmer than the temperature that men prefer.

Temperatures in Different Rooms

Different rooms suit different purposes. So there is the kitchen which can get warm during cooking or the bathroom that can become hot while being used. However, the living room is a room that has to be managed to ensure that it is comfortable for those who use it. With this in mind, what are the ideal temperatures for the different rooms around the home?

  • Living room – 18-20°C
  • Bedroom (adult) – 16-19°C
  • Bedroom (children, not babies) – 22-24°C
  • Bathroom – 22-24°C
  • Hallways / Storage rooms – 15-18°C

So, as you can see, there are clear differences between rooms and as much as 8-9°C in some instances. With this difference in temperature between rooms, how do you control it? The solution is to install thermostatic radiator valves.

These will enable you to control the temperature in each room, which means you can keep your bedroom at one temperature while setting your living room at another temperature. Smart thermostatic radiator valves provide even more control as it means that you can alter the temperature based on how you use the home through an app. So, you can alter the heating depending on when you are home or when you are returning home. All of this can help you to gain control of your use and help you to save money on bills.

How Crucial is Room Temperature?

Of course, comfort and cost play a role in the temperature that you set for your home or individual rooms. However, there are some things to consider when setting the temperature of your home as this can do the following:

  • Improve how you feel
  • Reduce the impact of damp and mould
  • Improve your physical wellbeing
  • Reduce bills

To ensure that you can continue to benefit from an efficient boiler and heating system, you should make sure that you have it serviced each year. This will help you to ensure it is running efficiently and that will help to keep costs down. So, if you are looking to have your boiler serviced then we can help with that.

What is Considered to be a Healthy Room Temperature

There are health implications that come with the temperature being too low or too high. Therefore, the World Health Organisation recommends a temperature of around 18°C and in houses with babies then this should be increased to 21°C.

If temperatures fall below 8°C then there is an increased risk of people suffering from a heart attack, stroke, pneumonia and falls and injuries. Furthermore, it can also have an impact on mental health as well as depression.

Is Your Boiler Working as it Should Be?

There is a possibility that your boiler is not working as hard as it should be and that means that it isn’t carrying out the functions it is intended to. If you think that your home does not feel as though it is heating up correctly or your heating bills are increasing then you could have problems. You might also have noticed that your radiators are not heating up correctly and even when you turn your boiler up, you don’t notice a change. If this is the case then it could be time to call in the experts.

So, what should the right temperature be?

If you have fit and healthy adults and adults living at home then your thermostat can be set at whatever you are comfortable with. If you have it set at 20°C then you could consider changing it to a lower temperature to see how you get on. .Even a small change of 1°C can make a difference to the heating and your bills.

If you think that you might be in need of a new boiler or want professional advice and guidance then we are on hand to help you out.

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