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What You Need To Know About The Green Homes Grant Scheme

Despite the current Government assistance given to all of those affected by Covid-19, the chancellor has announced that help will be available to landlords and homeowners who are eager to make their properties more energy-efficient.

The Green Homes Grant Scheme will provide vouchers of up to £10,000, enabling people to undertake work and improvement in order to improve the energy efficiency of their home or property.

This is a brand new scheme being implemented by the UK government. The aim is for the scheme to make all of the different improvements more accessible to homeowners, much of which would be out of their reach because of the cost. Therefore, homeowners are likely to be able to benefit from things such as more efficient boilers and heating systems as well as double glazing and insulation.

They will be able to carry out these upgrades by making use of the scheme and the funds available to them.

What Does The Scheme Include?

The scheme being offered by the UK Government will give homeowners and landlords access to vouchers that could be worth as much as £10,000. The majority of people will be able to access up to £5,000 but it is income dependent and so, those on a low income might find that they can receive the full amount of £10,000. However, depending on the category you fall into will depend on how the scheme will work for you.

What Does The Scheme Cover?

The scheme is likely to cover a wide variety of energy-saving solutions around the home. And although a comprehensive list has not been released by the UK Government, it is likely that it is going to cover boilers among many other things that are designed to enhance energy efficiency.

What If You Already Have A Boiler – Can You Apply?

If you already have an energy-efficient boiler then you might be wondering if you are entitled to make use of the grant?

The boiler you have might not be as energy-efficient as it could be. While the complete details of the scheme and eligibility have not been released, it might be worth you looking at better boilers that offer enhanced efficiency while understanding what system you currently have. If you are unsure and need to learn more about the latest boilers on the market then Prime Time Boilers can help.

Once the full details have been released by the government, we fully expect there to the Government to delve into the inner workings, ensuring that cover all options and what the grant covers which includes upgrading your current energy-efficient boiler to something more efficient.

What If I’ve Already Ordered A Boiler?

If you’ve already ordered a boiler then you might be wondering if the grant will cover this or if the grant can be back paid so to speak. At Prime Time Boilers, we wouldn’t recommend that you cancel any current orders or improvement projects as there is no guarantee that you will be eligible and that could mean that you lose money. Along with this, if you choose to cancel or put goods on hold, then that could delay the work and it will only lead to disappointment when you do eventually find out that you are not eligible for the grant.

However, we recommend that you do stay on top of the ever-changing information to ensure that you do make the right decisions at the right time. If you are considering upgrading your boiler then we would recommend that you wait to see if you are eligible for the scheme. However, it could be a good time to chat with us and see what we offer and how you can benefit.

Will I Be Elibile For The Green Homes Grant Scheme?

The treasury has not yet announced the final eligibility criteria although that is not likely to be too far away as they will want to get the wheels in motion. Along with this, there is an element of planning that has to go with it and so, homeowners and landlords will want to know as soon as possible whether they are covered.

As with everything, we are waiting on the government for this so it is worth ensuring you remain ahead of the latest news to find out when the scheme will come into play.

In order to get the voucher, you will be shown the energy efficiency measures that can be taken advantage of with the voucher. Then you will need to get in touch with us to obtain a quote as we will be an accredited supplier. Once you have received the quote and the work is approved, the voucher will then be given to you.

If you are someone who is not classed as being a low-income household then the vouchers can be worth up to a maximum of £5,000 and can only cover two-thirds of the cost of the work. However, if you are considered to be on a low income then the vouchers can be worth as much as £10,000 and will cover 100% of the cost.

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